Navigating Campus

I would have to say that StFX is the most beautiful campus that exists. Although I am quite biased and I have really only experienced one other campus in my lifetime… But still. We are really beautiful. If you look up our campus online (perhaps this link: it describes our campus as having “beautiful ivy-league architecture, limestone residences, and pedestrian-friendly layout”.  While this is all true, what it doesn’t mention is the winding sidewalks that take you to class, all the shortcuts you can take through trees and grass to get where you’re going, and all the benches and chairs around campus that invite you to sit and enjoy the view. Also available on that site is a virtual tour of campus and a tab in which you can book your own tour! We have our classic “Smile, You’re At X” sign, beautiful outdoor picnic tables and chairs to have lunch at, and lots of grass space to lay down a blanket or toss a football around. Mind you, the vast majority of these activities can only be enjoyed during September, October, and May, so take advantage once you get here!

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Your New HQ

108 days until Welcome Day! We hope you’re getting as pumped to come to StFX as we are to see you!

Soon you will start to get bombarded with information from the university about class schedules, tuition, Orientation Week, and much more! As you receive your room assignments and are welcomed into the various House Facebook groups, we thought we would give you some information about the personalities of each house on campus (and the perks of living off-campus).

Chillis (Chisholm & Gillis) Chicks

As one of two all-female residences, the girls of Chillis quickly become sisters. They spend their year sleeping in close-quarters, sitting together at meal hall, attending the same parties, and protecting their Tweety-bird mascot together. It may be one of the smaller residences, but there’s always a friend nearby if you live on University Ave. due to the family atmosphere and strong connection the older girls still have to their “frosh house.”

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So you’re moving to St.FX for university? First of all, GOOD CHOICE! You will not regret it! We’re the Student Transition Coordinators and we’re here to let you in on some amazing tips that will help get you through your first year at X! We plan on skipping over all the somewhat boring (BUT SUPER IMPORTANT!) info that you will get all summer through snail mail and your X e-mail! Btw, you should really check your X e-mail somewhat regularly… There’s some pretty important stuff in there.

Check this blog out every week for new posts on “How-to-St.FX” to get you ready for the best Xperience of your life! We’ll be posting tips on everything from meal hall tricks, to more program specific tips, to what the heck DCB is and where to use it! We might even have some guest bloggers to give their inside scoop!

Check back next week for the first inside look on St.FX from our perspective!