So you’re moving to St.FX for university? First of all, GOOD CHOICE! You will not regret it! We’re the Student Transition Coordinators and we’re here to let you in on some amazing tips that will help get you through your first year at X! We plan on skipping over all the somewhat boring (BUT SUPER IMPORTANT!) info that you will get all summer through snail mail and your X e-mail! Btw, you should really check your X e-mail somewhat regularly… There’s some pretty important stuff in there.

Check this blog out every week for new posts on “How-to-St.FX” to get you ready for the best Xperience of your life! We’ll be posting tips on everything from meal hall tricks, to more program specific tips, to what the heck DCB is and where to use it! We might even have some guest bloggers to give their inside scoop!

Check back next week for the first inside look on St.FX from our perspective!