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108 days until Welcome Day! We hope you’re getting as pumped to come to StFX as we are to see you!

Soon you will start to get bombarded with information from the university about class schedules, tuition, Orientation Week, and much more! As you receive your room assignments and are welcomed into the various House Facebook groups, we thought we would give you some information about the personalities of each house on campus (and the perks of living off-campus).

Chillis (Chisholm & Gillis) Chicks

As one of two all-female residences, the girls of Chillis quickly become sisters. They spend their year sleeping in close-quarters, sitting together at meal hall, attending the same parties, and protecting their Tweety-bird mascot together. It may be one of the smaller residences, but there’s always a friend nearby if you live on University Ave. due to the family atmosphere and strong connection the older girls still have to their “frosh house.”

chillis photo

MacNeil Marauders

An all-male residence, MacNeil (who lovingly call themselves the Brotherhood), are a family of young men with traditions as old as the building that houses them. As part of MacKinnon Hall, they live with the ladies of Chillis and take it upon themselves to protect them. Although the double rooms in MacNeil may be smaller than those of more newly-renovated residences, the bond that the brothers share extends beyond the walls and first-year, into lifelong friendships.

macneil photo

TnT (Thompson & Tompkins) Tigers

Like Chillis, girls in TnT quickly become sisters. Although there is a wall dividing the two “Ts,” no such wall exists in their hearts. A quick jump through an emergency door on third floor, nicknamed the “Hobbit door” for its small size, connects the girls to each other. United by their fondness for the colour purple and their need to protect “Tiger Tom,” TnT shares a bond that doesn’t dissipate even after four years of university.

tnt photo

MacPherson Mustangs

Housed on the east side of Cameron Hall, the MacPherson Mustangs don bright green to show their house pride. If you live here, you lucked out because even during the worst snow storm of the year, you will still be able to reach meal hall which is located just across the street. These boys get to know each other quickly and can often be found outside on nice days playing catch, lacrosse, or football, and often bond over a love of hockey. Don’t worry if those aren’t your things though, the boys welcome everyone willing to rep MP.

mp photo

MacDonald Highlanders

As MacPherson’s counterparts, the boys of MacDonald live on the other side of Cameron Hall and share an equally strong bond with each other— and the girls of TnT. It won’t be long before you have a house full of brothers ready to cheer you on, pick you up when you fall, and share in the adventure that is university life.

md photo

Plessis Panthers

The penthouse of Bishops Hall (skylights and all) is home to the Plessis Panthers. Don’t be fooled by their laid-back reputation, these cats can twerk with the best of them. Known in years past for their popular movie nights and chill atmosphere, Plessis is starting to break out of their cave and become more vocal on campus. They still maintain their studious ways and can often be found working together in their lounges. If you live here, you’ll be sure to have a close group of friends who will help you maintain that “work hard/play hard” balance.

Fraser Phantoms

A little quieter than their upstairs neighbours, the residents of Fraser (found on third floor of Bishops Hall) are known for their great study habits and easygoing attitudes. With a comfortable central lounge and as active intramural participants, if you’re willing to step outside your room, it’s easy to make lasting, valuable friendships.

Burke Brawlers

Residents of Burke are easily spotted during Orientation Week because of their bright orange shirts and large personality. A house full of traditions, you’ll quickly become part of this family. Crowned with an orange toque during first semester, it will be easy to identify others who live and have lived within those halls. Never short on people to meet, Burke occupies the two bottom floors of Bishops Hall.

bishops photo

Governors Knights

Govs is a great place for anyone looking to make the most out of their study time while still living on campus. With their unique double rooms, you’ll be able to have a roommate while still having a private space to sleep. Especially popular with mature students and those in grad programs, Govs is ideal for those who prefer to socialize outside their home and return to a quieter atmosphere.

govs photo


Inhabited mostly by upper year students, Somers and Power Halls make up the “Apartment Style” residences. Made up of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen, these are great for students who want to experience living on their own, while still having the comforts and ease of being on campus. Although they are less spirited than traditional houses, there are definitely advantages to living there, especially if you already have a core group of friends.

MacIsaac Whales

MacIsaac is known as the most spirited house on campus. Residents build a strong allegiance to their home and will protect one other no matter what. Its own parking lot and close proximity to the grocery store make up for the slightly longer trek to meal hall, which is an adventure in itself during the winter months. It will be easy to make friends with the busy social scene around you and the open lounges on every floor!

mac photo

O’Regan Leopards

By living in one of the newest buildings on campus, you can be an integral part of the development of new traditions within your residence. Known as having one of the quieter atmospheres because of the suite-style rooms, O’Regan has a fairly unique combination of students housed within its curved walls. As a home to students in every year of their university-career, the possibilities for friendships are just as numerous as the combination of spots on a leopard.

Riley Royals

Slightly quieter than its neighbour, O’Regan, Riley Hall is also home to a variety of years, programs, and personalities! Once you put on your Riley crown (and bathrobe), you become part of the new traditions that are just developing. Don’t be intimidated by the suite-style rooms; the communal kitchens, huge lounge on fourth floor, and movie room are great places to meet new people and find your niche.


Lane Pitbulls

Lane is the biggest residence on campus, but it also has the biggest sense of community. With so many people living there, there’s always someone willing to watch a movie, go to meal hall, or just hang out with. The lobby and the Pit (the large lounge in the foyer) are great places to chat with new people as they come in and out of the building. The rooms may be small, but the pride you feel when you receive your coveted Lane Hall bandana is enough to convince most people to spend another year in the house up on the hill.

lane photo

Mount Saint Bernard Bears

Mount Saint Bernard, or MSB, is comprised of Marguerite and Camden halls. If you’ve been given MSB as your room assignment, you’re in luck! Freshly renovated and restructured, the Mount is ready to incorporate new ideas and traditions into the walls that have held many students since the university began. It’s also located close to Nicholson and the Waffle Bus, so you can easily balance work and fun!

msb photo

Off-Campus Cheetahs

Often heard bragging about two-ply toilet paper and the possibility to have bacon every day, off-campus life certainly has its perks! Many students choose to rent for financial reasons, because they are a mature student, or simply because residence life doesn’t interest them. Whatever the reason may be, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved in campus-life and in town. With society night, community events, and other social opportunities there’s always new friends to meet to make the most of your university experience off-campus.

oc photo

Whether you’re moving to Govs or Mac, Lane, or Chillis, or anywhere in between, you are sure to become part of huge new family, ready to welcome you with open arms!




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