Navigating Campus

I would have to say that StFX is the most beautiful campus that exists. Although I am quite biased and I have really only experienced one other campus in my lifetime… But still. We are really beautiful. If you look up our campus online (perhaps this link: it describes our campus as having “beautiful ivy-league architecture, limestone residences, and pedestrian-friendly layout”.  While this is all true, what it doesn’t mention is the winding sidewalks that take you to class, all the shortcuts you can take through trees and grass to get where you’re going, and all the benches and chairs around campus that invite you to sit and enjoy the view. Also available on that site is a virtual tour of campus and a tab in which you can book your own tour! We have our classic “Smile, You’re At X” sign, beautiful outdoor picnic tables and chairs to have lunch at, and lots of grass space to lay down a blanket or toss a football around. Mind you, the vast majority of these activities can only be enjoyed during September, October, and May, so take advantage once you get here!

As for actually navigating campus, I’m sure you have (and if you haven’t you will) seen the classic StFX map available that shows you where all the buildings are. Well, it’s time we vamp that map up a bit…


In the edited map, you can see all the nicknames to our buildings you will commonly hear used around campus. Here’s an extra little help figuring it all out:

  • SUB – Student Unions’ Builing / Bloomfield Centre
  • PSC – Physical Science Building (Science)
  • JBB – J. Bruce Brown (Sciences)
  • Schwartz – Gerald Schwartz building (Business)
  • Nicholson – also known as NH for Nicholson Hall (classrooms & auditoriums for mostly all studies)
  • Annex – Classrooms & offices for Math and Psychology
  • Lib – Library
  • The Coady – The Coady International Institute
  • MSB – Mount Saint Bernard (Residence and Nursing classrooms)
  • MK Hall – MacKinnon Hall Residence (Chillis & MacNeil)
  • Cam Hall – Cameron Hall Residence (TNT, MacPherson, and MacDonald)
  • Bishops – Bishops Hall Residence (Burke, Plessis, Fraser)
  • Somers & Power – Apartment Styled residences
  • Govs – Governor’s Residence
  • Mac – MacIsaac Residence
  • KMC – Keating Millennium Centre
  • OC – Oland Centre
  • FM – Facilities Management
  • Security – Where you go when you lose your ID (because you will lose it) *Reminder: $25 to get a new student ID

Let’s quickly discuss UPPER & LOWER CAMPUS! Reference your map: imagine drawing a line down Martha Dr. and through the TURF/Oland Stadium. That’s it. On your left you have LOWER campus and on your right you have UPPER campus. For those of you who have never been on campus, this is because there is somewhat of a natural hill that divides the two sides. Simple as that!


  • Founders Walk – takes you to NSLC, Sobeys, Boston Pizza, Dairy Queen, and the Antigonish Mall (Dollarama, Canadian Tire, Lawtons, etc.)
  • James St. – takes you to many food locations (McDonald’s, Subway, A&W, Tim’s, Snow Queen, Split Crow)
  • Martha Drive – this turns into a one-way street at the end near Schwartz… Very confusing. And you can only turn right at the end of this street
  • Convocation Blvd – two one-way streets

Okay, now for all of you who plan on taking a car, first of all, if you’re living on campus, you really don’t need one. But I’ll leave that up to you to decide! So parking on campus is somewhat of a nightmare, not to scare you. But this past year, the university actually expanded the parking lot behind Lane by a lot, so this year, it should be better! There are a lot of places where you cannot park and many places you cannot park overnight. Also, getting from lower campus to upper campus (or vice versa) is somewhat difficult to figure out if you’re driving.


So let’s say you just watched an amazing play at the Bauer Theatre (the plays are awesome, go to them!) and you parked in the Chapel Square parking lot. The studious person you are, you wish to go to the SUB to get in some late night studying. But it’s pouring rain out (BUY RUBBER BOOTS, IT ALWAYS RAINS HERE) so you want to drive to the SUB (don’t be ashamed, we all do it). In order to get from the Bauer Theatre to the SUB is way more difficult driving than it is walking. Looking at the map, it looks pretty direct: go behind PSC, take the path by the turf and close to the “Smile, You’re at X” sign, then you’re there. But driving?

  • Leave Bauer Theatre/Chapel Theatre parking lot
  • Driving onto Alumni Cres.
  • Turn left onto Martha Dr
  • Continue to the end of Martha Dr.
  • Turn right onto St. Ninian St. (you are now off campus)
  • Take your third right onto Notre Dame Ave. (back on campus)
  • Drive until you reach the SUB

That’s just one example of our somewhat awkward roads around campus, but after a while it becomes second nature to know how to get around!

So there you have it. Your first (of many) crash course of campus, geographically.

Make sure to check back next week for some more tips on StFX and be sure to share!


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