An-ti-go-what? An-ti-go-nish, also known as the Nish or also known as An-ti-go-nowhere… I’m sure you can piece that together on your own. So this is the great town you’ll be entering this September. Located 160km northeast of Halifax (the capital of NS), Antigonish is known for its Highland Games and Scottish roots. The town is booming with small businesses and a lively arts culture. The town (excluding students) has a population of about 4,500 people (2011). That means once September rolls around, the population of the town DOUBLES. In my opinion, StFX is a huge part in the town and I would definitely consider Antigonish a university town.

Antigonish County is 1458km2. For a reference, this is about 1/5 the size of Halifax Regional Municipality. The actual town of Antigonish is 5.15km2. Compared to the city of Toronto, this would take up less than 1%. Despite our small size, Antigonish makes up for its lively cultural aspects, booming businesses, and very friendly atmosphere.

I know that’s a lot of talk, but check out this calendar of events just for the summer months in Antigonish! There’s everything from yoga, to kayaking, to theatre productions, to art fairs! See for yourself!

Summer Guidebook

Once you get here in September, the fun doesn’t stop! With many events still going on within the town and also within the university! In your first year here, you may not feel the need to leave campus at all, but I strongly recommend you do! There are many shops and places to eat or just grab a snack, all within walking distance from campus. That’s one of the greatest things about living in this small town; you can walk pretty much everywhere! And if you need to travel a bit farther (like to Wal-Mart) and don’t want to take the 20 ish min walk, you can always hop on the Antigonish Community Transit. The Transit also stops at other locations in town (see for more details).



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