Welcome to the ‘Nish

Big welcome to our first guest blogger, Mikayla MacDonald! Check out what she has to say about Antigonish and all it has to offer:

When you come to StFX you are not only joining the university community but the community of Antigonish as well. I am sure you have heard that the town’s population actually doubles when the school year starts, and that the town is only two streets and you’re thinking you may go crazy in such a small town. Well to avoid some serious “cabin fever” here is list of fun activities you can check out to stay active in both communities!

  1. The Landing is a short trail located at the end of Main St. by the train tracks. It takes about 30 minutes to walk this quaint trail along the shores of the Antigonish Harbor.pic
  2. StFX is lucky to be surrounded by beautiful bodies of water; did you know we even own a beach? Located just a 15 minute drive, StFX is close to multiple beaches.

  • Crystal Cliffs (StFX’s official beach)
  • Mahoney’s Beach (Great for seeing seals in the winter months)
  • Jimtown
  • Cribbons Beach (Check this beach out when the tide is low, then come back to see how high the tide raises!)
  • Arisaig Provincial Parka
  1. Located close to the shores of the Northumberland Strait, StFX is also within driving minutes to two stunning lighthouses. An East Coast must see, the lighthouses are a great morning or afternoon outing.
  • Cape George Light House
  • Arisaigd
  1. Looking to experience the Antigonish culture? The Farmers Market on Saturday from 8:30am -1:00pm offers delicious local foods and crafts.c
  2. Asana Yoga Studio, located on Main St. is the perfect place to relax for an hour with gentle, hot and/or vinysa yoga. You can bring your own mat or use one provided by the studio! Their schedule is the window or online.
  3. Feeling hungry? Want to try something outside of Meal Hall? Antigonish as many amazing local restaurants, you will be sure to find something you like!
  • Prissy Pig Deli & Café (Students get 10% off their order with your student ID)
  • Townhouse
  • Tall & Small
  • Waffle Bus Stop
  • Pacha Mama
  • Snow Queen
  • Brownstone
  • And more!

b                           j

  1. Want to learn more about your new home? The Antigonish Heritage Museum is located just past Main St. And while you’re there check out The Landing.e
  2. Don’t want to leave campus? Ensure you keep your eyes open, read posters and e-mails advertising some of the incredible events on campus hosted by University officials and student organizations.
  3. If you are feeling a little adventurous and want to experience the nature of Antigonish there are several hiking trails located around the county of Antigonish. The lengths and intensity vary depending on which trail you choose, weather you hike for the first time or you’re experienced you will be able to find a trail for your comfort.
  • Fairmont Hiking Trail
  • Keppoch Mountain
  • Cape George Trailh
  1. If it’s rainy (which happens a lot) but you still want to get out to do something, head to Pins Bowling Center along the Highway, hidden behind the Gas Station. They have bowling, pool, air hockey tables and much more!


Don’t worry if there isn’t anything on this list that immediately pulls you in- there’s lots more to see and do that wouldn’t fit on this limited list! And you can always start your own society at StFX or work with the Awesome Project, Antigonish to make a difference in the community!

PS: 73 days until move in!!


2 Replies to “Welcome to the ‘Nish”

  1. The landing looks gorgeous! Hard to believe I’ve lived in town for a whole year, and didn’t even know it was there! Thanks!


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