Getting Involved

I would consider StFX a very “student-driven” university with numerous opportunities to get involved. Whether you were involved with your previous school or not, there are different ways to get involved here that vary in levels. It can be anything from joining your residence House Council, being a member of a society, all the way up to being on the Students’ Union or a Hall Director within Residence Life. Only some of these opportunities come with monetary compensation ($$), however, ALL opportunities look great on your resume, allow you to meet new friends, and help prepare you for when you leave this amazing place. The levels of participation and responsibilities can vary, which allows for all types of students to be able to be involved. Below are some of the more known opportunities available and what they consist of:

  • Member of a society
    • Sign up for ALL societies you’re interested in during Society Fest. Once you write your e-mail down you’re not obliged to join but it lets you get all the info needed about that society!
    • Each society is different. Some may meet every week; others may only meet every month! For these societies, it is very easy to control how much you are involved by simply volunteering to help out as much or as little as you want!
  • President/Vice President of a society
    • This usually follows after you have been an active member and are really passionate about the society
    • You can also become the president if you are the founder of the society! In other words, you can create your very own society! It can pretty much be anything you want and if a society for it doesn’t exist you can create it!
    • This type of position does, obviously, come with more responsibility, but is very rewarding and looks great on your resume to have such great leadership experience.
  • Member of House Council
    • Within each residence there is a house council with various positions that you can run for. House Councils consist of your House presidents and the other members that are voted in for their respective position. Positions include intramural, spiritual, and more.
  • Residence House President/Vice President
    • You can run to be the House President or Vice President of a residence at the end of the academic year. There’s an honourarium for this position as it comes with many responsibilities.
  • Residence Assistant
    • If you want to take on some more responsibility after your first year, you can apply to become a Residence Assistant! RAs are responsible for programming within each residence to bring floors of people together and teach residents about resources on campus. They also receive specialized training to deal with more difficult situations and help keep the residence safe for everyone. RAs are on duty in the buildings every night to ensure quiet hours are maintained no issues are arising. They provide support to their residents and often become really close to the students on their floor. This is a paid position so it is a great way to stay active in the community while supporting yourself financially.
  • Hall Director
    • Once you have been an RA, you have the opportunity to apply to be a Hall Director. HDs have more responsibility than RAs because it is their job to monitor the entire building. They manage their team of RAs, meet with several different people to ensure safety is upheld, make the duty schedule for the RAs, plan hall and campus events, and organize staff bonding. This paid position allows you to meet tons of new people and opens up several opportunities to attend conferences, mentor younger students, and more.
  • Student Representative Council
    • International Student Rep
    • Equity Student Rep
    • Board of Governors (2 of them)
      • Sit on the University Board of Governors
    • Business Student Rep
    • Arts Student Rep
    • Science Student Rep
    • Education Student Rep
    • Grad Student Rep
    • First Year Student Rep (elected in September)
      • Each Academic rep (arts, science, business, education, grad) sit on the University Senate
    • X-Patrol
      • Student-based security team that works with StFX security
    • Students’ Union Executive
      • After first year you can apply to be hired as:
        • VP External
        • VP Residence Affairs
        • VP Activities and Events
        • VP Finance and Operations
      • After first year you can run to be elected as:
        • President of Students’ Union
        • VP Academic
    • CFXU Radio Station
      • During Society Fest, sign up to run your very own radio show!
    • Xaverian Newspaper
      • Whether you go to the Contributor Meetings to write a story or apply to work as a Reporter, The Xav is a great place to practice your writing skills and creates a great opportunity if you are interested in journalism

These are only some of the various ways you can get involved at StFX. Don’t be afraid to start getting involved right away or even in your final year! Anytime is a great time to get involved in your campus community. For more information, check out Society Fest,, or ask any upper years who are already involved!



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