Meal Hall Hacks

Morrison Hall, otherwise known as Meal Hall, is where you will bond with your new friends during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meal Hall serves 19 meals per week: breakfast, lunch, and supper Monday-Friday and brunch and supper on Saturday and Sunday. Your meal plan determines how often you are permitted into meal hall per week, month, or for the entire year (depending on your meal plan). Meal Hall is closest to Cameron and MacKinnon Hall, as well as Schwartz and the Library. Meal Hall hours vary depending on the day of the week and time of the year (for example, during exams). The hours of operation can be found online!

Now let’s talk about FOOD. Yum. Meal Hall at StFX has such a wide variety of food options to fit every need. There are vegetarian options, gluten free options, and dairy-free milk. There are options to pick a classic lunch/supper option (rice, potatoes, meat, veggies) or you can create your own meals! Making your own creations will come in handy at times when you feel like switching it up from your normal go-to. That’s where we come in. We are going to let you in on some amazing tips to spice it up!

General Tips

Arriving at Meal Hall: You will quickly learn that meal hall is definitely a hot spot on campus! Students gotta eat, am I right? You may notice upper years placing down their Student IDs on a table. This is the unwritten rule of reserving your seat at a table. Feel free to reserve your seat at meal hall, but remember how many students need to eat and be cautious of how many seats you reserve and for how long!


If you have a bag when entering meal hall, you are required to place it in a cubby. Don’t argue with the staff, just do it. The only thing is, when meal hall is at its peak time, the cubbies can get super full and bags will start to pile up on the floor! Be very cautious of this! Try not to step on anyone’s bag and don’t put your heavy bag on top of someone else’s.

Leaving Meal Hall: The staff at meal hall are the friendliest people ever! Please don’t make their job harder by leaving your dirty dishes and trays on the table. There is a convenient carousel where you can place your tray/dishes and the staff will kindly wash them for you. If you make a mess, clean it up. We are all adults and it doesn’t take much time. The staff will also appreciate it!

Food: So I would personally recommend for you to really expand your horizons when it comes to food at meal hall. Try new things! If you don’t like it, you can still go get something you do like! Try not to eat the same things every single day, because you will get tired of it!


Yogurt Parfait: If you’re in the mood for a lighter, healthier breakfast option, you can make your own parfait! Take yogurt, granola, and your choice of fruit! Mix it all up in a bowl and enjoy!

Breakfast Sandwich/Burrito: Grab a wrap or toasted bread/English muffin. Add scrambled eggs, cheese, a breakfast meat, and there you have it!

Omelet: There is an omelet station! Need I say more?! Tip:  Ask for a little hot sauce in there!

Scrambled Eggs: In the omelet line, you can also request for scrambled eggs and add the veggies and cheese as well!


Make your own pizza: Yes, there are pitas, wraps, and more to create your very own personal pizza! Even head over to the salad bar to add extra veggies! TIP: remember what your pizza looks like! When you pass your pizza over to the kind, generous staff (also, feel free to ask for them to add cheese and pizza spice) they will put your pizza into the pizza oven. Once it is done they will put it on a plate and place it under the heater for you to pick up! So remember your toppings and make sure you take the right pizza! There’s nothing worse than having your pizza accidentally taken on you! So, how do you make your pizza stick out? Well try placing a black olive in the centre or on the corner of your pizza. You could also try ripping off a corner of the bread! I have seen both techniques, and more, work wonders and save lives (jk, save pizzas). Top secret tip: try pesto instead of pizza sauce! Top secret tip 2: Make half pizza half garlic fingers! Check if they have garlic butter at the pizza station, spread it on half your bread, add cheese if desired!

Make your own wrap/sandwich: The same as making your own pizza, you can also make your own wrap (not rap – although feel free to express your music talents whenever and wherever) or sandwich. Make it cold or hot! Tip: there are Panini presses to grill your wrap/sandwich or you could also request to have it put through the pizza oven!

Tuna Melt: On bread, put mayo, tuna, cheese, and another slice of bread. Try putting it through the Panini press!

Garlic Bread: Choose your desired bread type, add butter and garlic powder (found near stir fry station) and ask to get put through pizza oven! You can also check if there is garlic butter at the pizza station!

Poutine: Take a basket of fries from the burger and fry station, add cheese from the salad bar, then add gravy at the soup station!

Pesto Salad Dressing: Mix a bowl of pesto and balsamic vinegar. Secret tip: add a little honey to the dressing (found near coffee station) and add chicken and apple slices on your salad!

Stir Fry: So yes, there is a stir fry station, and yes, you will fall in love with it. The bad news? So will everyone else. SO check out the menu before meal hall opens to see if you really want the stir fry and head over to meal hall a little early to get in line so you won’t have to wait as long for it!

TIP: Check to see if there are chicken patties at the burger/fry station! If so, kindly ask just for the burger (not the bun), cut it up and add the chicken to pretty much anything! Salad, sandwich, wrap, or pizza! So yummy!


Café Mocha: So back behind all the magic (aka the food) there is what they call a “Specialty Coffee” station containing Coffee Crisp Hot Chocolate, Regular Hot Chocolate, and French Vanilla. So like first of all, yum. Second of all, pour half of a mug of coffee and then the rest with hot chocolate to get a café mocha! If it’s Sundae Sunday, add some marshmallows!

Iced Coffee: This seems pretty straight forward, but it gets underrated. Put ice in your mug, add coffee, add cream and/or sugar, and then more ice on top if you want!


Apple Crisp: Does that say apple crisp? Okay, yes it does. Here’s how’s it’s done: in a bowl cut up apple and toss in cinnamon sugar (found near cereal). Top off with granola (also found near cereal). Heat up in microwave for desired amount of time. Feel free to also add a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream!

Beavertails: Like the famous Canadian pastry that first debuted in 1978?! YES! So, here it is: take flatbread and spread with butter and then add cinnamon sugar. Kindly ask the staff to put it through the pizza oven for you and voila! Your very own beavertail! Feel free to make it even more your own by adding fruit toppings!

Floats: if you’re in the mood for a treat, take a cup, add some vanilla ice cream, then fill it up with pop! Easy as that! Just be sure to not make a mess! They can get messy!

Ice Cream Sandwich: If meal hall has cookies and ice cream in stock, you’re in luck! Take two cookies and scoop ice cream onto one cookie and place the other cookie on top!

Skor Cream Cheese Dip: On Sundae Sunday, mix a bowl of warm caramel, cream cheese (near cereal), and skor bits. Take an apple, cut it up, and dip it in! Simpler Version: Dip cut up apples in warm caramel.

S’mores Pizza: On Sundae Sunday, take a wrap, put chocolate sauce on the bottom, add marshmallows and chocolate chips, place another wrap on top, and kindly ask to get it placed through the pizza oven or toss it on the Panini press!

meal h.jpg

Trust me, this will become one of your most favourite places on campus!

PS, HUGE shout out to everyone who contributed their top secret recipes (Sophie Peltekian, Ella Maltby, Ashley MacDonald, and Rita-Clare LeBlanc)

52 days until Welcome Day!


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