Want to ensure you have tickets to all the hottest events this frosh week? Looking for some sweet StFX swag to rock for the rest of your life? Look no further!

These kits have everything you could possibly want or need, including Orientation Week bracelets, tickets to all the ticketed events (some events are for first years only and therefore don’t require a ticket), plus TONS of X-swag that you’ll want to be all decked out for Homecoming, football games, and other X events!

Although it is possible to buy tickets for the events if you don’t buy a frosh kit, you run the risk of them selling out, and they generally run at around $10-15 each, so it is more economical to buy them in the kit. Furthermore, this way you get all the extras that aren’t given out anywhere else.

To order:

  1. Go to the Google Play store or the Apple Store and download the StFX Students’ Union App.
  2. Select “Buy your Frosh Kit”
  3. Fill out the registration form.
  4. Pick up your kit on Welcome Day! (in 46 days!!)


frosh kits 2


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