But first, let me take selfie…

So it’s 2016 and the world is filled with selfie sticks, go pros, polaroid cameras, and phones with exceptionally good cameras. There’s Snapchat and Instagram to solely capture the moments you are feeling photogenic and like a pro photographer. All you really require is a good backdrop! Well, you’ve come to the right place! StFX campus is crawling with unofficial photo booths, great for taking selfies or group shots with your new BFFs. We’re here this week to let you in on all the great photo spots so you and your selfie stick are ready to go as soon as you get here!

Smile, You’re At X – This is probably the first thought of picture spot on campus! Our classic phrase is painted on a wall outside across from the turf and allows for much creativity! This has been a traditional photo spot for decades – ask your older family members who went here, they might even have a matching photo

old smilesmile sign.jpg

Schwartz Entrance Sign – This has also been a classic spot to take a nice picture! It’s exceptionally beautiful in the winter. This gate-like sign is at the end of Martha Dr, facing St. Ninian St. This sign is also fairly new and a bit fancier for banquets like grad and x-ringschw

Warren (Coady) Gardens – A beautiful garden area with benches, pillars, and plants to become your backdrop. Located near the Coady International Institutecoadycoady gardens

New Sign by Govenors – This past year, we got a brand new sign entering Antigonish off of Exit 32 on the edge of campus (also newly popular for grad, x-ring, etc.- start new traditions in your family with this photo op)

stfx kentstfx sign

StFX Turf Bleachers – StFX turf field bleachers has St. Francis Xavier University written across the back and looks very professional. It works great for large group photos!schw bleachers

StFX Chapel – The steps leading up to the Campus Chapel are absolutely gorgeous! You’ll need someone else to take the photo though if you want to capture all the beautystfx chapel

StFX Inn – The Campus bar has an outside deck overlooking the StFX turf! The turf provides a great background and since you’re high up, you get a great sky backdrop toostfx inn

StFX Library – Our library becomes absolutely beautiful in the fall with the red leaves and also after a winter storm, covered in white snow!stfx lib

StFX Turf – The turf at StFX has the biggest X you’ll ever see! It portrays our StFX pride for sure!turf.jpg

Keating Centre Entrance – The pillared entrance into the KMC is very majestic and allows for some fun photo propskmc

Comment below and tell us where you’re most excited to take your selfie!! If you are a returning student, comment your favourite selfie spots below or post it to Instagram with #stfxselfie

See you in 38 days!


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