Your X-perience Starts at Home

Are you an incoming student, a current student, or StFX Alumni?

You’re in luck! Student Send-Offs are happening all across the country and the world!

calgary send off

Calgary Send Off 2014

As you know, Xaverians pride ourselves on being one big family— and what better way to express that sentiment and welcome newcomers into our community than with events near and far? These send-offs introduce new students to local alumni and other new Xaverians in their hometown. Recruitment and other university guests are present to provide information and up-to-date knowledge about Antigonish and StFX as a whole. These one-on-one experiences give students the first look at the family-feel that StFX offers.

As a new student, it’s a great opportunity to have preliminary questions answered and start to familiarize yourself with X traditions and culture, while making the first of your university memories.

See below for dates and locations of the send-off in your area:

  • Edmonton, Alberta- Saturday August 6th 4pm- Home of Brenda and Larry Rankin- BBQ
  • Whitehorse, Yukon- Saturday August 6th 4pm- Home of Stella Martin
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia- Wednesday August 10th 6pm- Brightwood Golf & Country Club- BBQ
  • Sydney, Nova Scotia- Tuesday August 16th 5pm- Camp Breton Dean
  • Amherst, Nova Scotia- Thursday August 18th 6-8pm- Breakfast at Brittany’s- Pizza Party
  • Ottawa, Ontario- Saturday August 20th 5-9pm- Kanata Golf & Country Club
  • Toronto, Ontario- Sunday August 21st 12:30-2:30pm- The Badali Bar and Cucina- Social
  • Vancouver, BC- Sunday August 21st 12-4pm- Prospect Point Picnic Site #2 Stanley Park- BBQ
  • Saint John, NB- Monday August 22nd 6-8pm- Home of Doug MacDonald- BBQ
  • New Glasgow, NS- Tuesday August 23rd 6-8pm- Glasgow Square Green Room- Pizza Party
new students send off

Saint John Send Off 2015

As the daughter of the President of the Saint John Alumni Chapter President, I can attest to the potential that these send-offs offer. Each year, my stepmom loads her Miata up with Costco goodies and offers an array of fruit and veggie trays, chips, and other snacks. My dad fires up the BBQ and prepares dozens of hotdogs and hamburgers, and we all sit out on the deck with great food and great company. It’s amazing how one little event can bring so may X grads and new students together to share stories about their adventures at X.

The first year my dad hosted the event it was at a nearby beach house and I was just entering my first year at StFX. I was nervous about who would be there and about entering my first year. Was I wearing the right clothes? Would anyone I know be there? Would I just end up standing in a corner by myself (despite both my parents being there)? But as soon as I walked in everyone was SO welcoming. Then, in recent years, the event moved to my house and I became one of the people welcoming new students and giving them the reassurance I had needed going into my first year. I became someone who could help answer questions and share stories about what the Nish was like now. Alumni from my parents’ time at X started asking me and my friends what the experience was like now and how it differed from their own experiences. Even Erin, from the recruitment team, leaned on me to answer questions from a student perspective to supplement her own knowledge. Suddenly I wasn’t the nervous first-year anymore, but the experienced upper-year (now alum) who didn’t need to be nervous because I knew I had the answers available to me.

send off

Promoting the AskMe! Campaign held the 1st week every year

I strongly recommend attending one of these events if you’re available. As a new student, you can walk away with more information and faces to recognize when you come to campus in September. If you’re a current student or alum, you never know what piece of wisdom you may be able to offer as comfort to other students.

Go to for more information about the send-off in your area and to RSVP. Don’t see one from your area? Check back in later as the site is updated when new events are planned. Have questions? E-mail Jessica MacLellan at or comment below.

Only 31 days until move-in!



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