Who’s Who in Residence

Moving away from home for the first time can be scary. All of a sudden you’re responsible for getting yourself to class, eating healthy, studying enough, balancing sleep with social activities, and much more. Although there’s no one here who is going to babysit you or wake you up in the morning when meal hall is about to close and you have 5 minutes to get to class, we do have TONS of supports in residence and across campus to help every student succeed!

At the base of this support is your residence Core Leadership Team (CLT). Check out the bonus blog tomorrow for more info on that!

Residence Assistants are hired by the university. One or two live on each floor of each residence to promote the community environment. They put on programs to help students adjust to university-living, act as a confidante/support to the residents on their floor, and often, become great friends with the people in their building.

reslife 3

While RAs provide the closest support to their floormates, Hall Directors help maintain a positive atmosphere throughout the entire building. They also act as manager for the RAs when they are in need. If you ever have an issue with residence, classes, personal events, or anything else, your RA or HD are great resources to reach out to. They are trained to respond to various disclosures and can provide external resources you may find helpful— for anything from changing courses, to dealing with roommate conflicts, to bigger issues like mental illnesses.


Both these positions are designed to ensure a safe, positive, community for all students— whether you prefer a quiet night in, a rowdy residence party, or a combination of the two. HDs and RAs enforce the Community Code which outlines the rights and responsibilities of the students. Living in residence may seem to be accompanied by a lot of rules, but they are easy to follow and will make for a much more pleasant environment if everyone abides by them. HDs and RAs work hard to make sure that every lifestyle is supported and that all students have a great experience!

Working alongside Residence Life (meaning the RAs and HDs) are House Presidents (HPs) and Vice Presidents (VPs) who have a crucial role as part of the Core Leadership Team. They work hard to get you pumped up to attend Orientation Week events and plan amazing events throughout the year to build house spirit, raise money for charity, and promote the famous X pride. Furthermore, the HPs and VPs are a great resource if you are having a problem in residence as they have knowledge about various resources on campus.

hps vps 2

So even if you’re nervous coming to university, there is a whole team of people ready to welcome you with open arms and support you in any and every way possible! We can’t wait to do just that in 24 days when you move to StFX!

For more info, check out the Residence Life Social Media Pages:

  • Twitter: stfx_ResLife
  • Facebook: StFX Residence Life
  • Instagram: stfx.reslife






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