CORE Leadership Team

clt 2.jpgHello Xaverians,

I hope that you have had a great summer and that you are getting more and more excited to be coming to X in the fall. My name is Joelle French, and I am the VP Residence Affairs at the Students’ Union. My portfolio oversees student leadership in residence, through House Presidents and Vice Presidents. Alongside, Hall Directors and Residence Assistants, these House Presidents and Vice Presidents will most likely be some of the first people you will meet when you move into residence! They are so eager to welcome you to StFX and are so thrilled to be working alongside Residence Life to ensure that your needs are met in residence and that you have the renowned residential experience that StFX is known for.

hps vps

I am so excited to be a guest blogger for the YOUniversity blog and introduce an exciting initiative that is beginning this year in residence, which involves the House Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Residence Life. The name of this initiative is the CORE Leadership Team (CLT).  This leadership team in residence is a joint initiative between the U – StFX Students’ Union and the University Administration. There will be a CLT in place in each House, and the CLT is comprised of the House President, hired by the Students’ Union, the House Vice President hired by the Students’ Union, and the Hall Director, hired by the University Administration, as well as a Residence Life Coordinator who is also hired by the University Administration.


The CLT has four collective goals that it is mandated to meet through regular meetings, throughout the year.

These four goals are as follows:

  1. To model shared leadership, open communication, and mutual support.
  2. Demonstrate ownership of the success of the community by taking a proactive approach to resident safety, inclusivity, and well-being.
  3. To facilitate safe and open dialogue between residents, with each other, and with University Administration, to ensure that student needs are the top shared priority.
  4. Acknowledge and encourage respectful sharing of different perspectives, which lead to creative group problem solving.

hpsreslife halloweenreslife 2

The CLT is there to ensure that the best possible experience in residence is provided and they will be held accountable through a Steering Committee, that will be comprised of myself (VP Residence Affairs), Jacqueline De Leebeeck, Director of Student Life, Shannon Travers, Manager of Residence Life, Marek Viezner, House Council Coordinator, and Tyler McKone, Miriam Illman-White, and Olivia Winder, Residence Life Coordinators. Through this system, student leaders in residence will have the chance to role model shared leadership and drive home an encompassing ownership of residence, in order to ensure that students’ needs in each residence are a priority.

If you have any questions about who your house CLT team is, or would like more information about their mandate, please feel free to email me at or Jacqueline De Leebeeck at

I look forward to welcoming you all home in the fall! Until then enjoy the rest of your summer!


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