The one and only…


It means something profound and different for each person who puts one on their finger. It’s a sign of the accomplishments you’ve had so far, the friendships you’ve made, the late nights you’ve spent studying, and the journey you’re about to take in the “real world.”


It’s a sign of the connection you will always have to StFX and to the thousands of other people who had the privilege of attending X. It’s a reminder of your memories eating Kenny’s and The Wheel, trying to decide which team you’re on. It reflects the nights (and mornings) you spent at The Inn, dancing with friends.  It will be with you through your last year of exams, your final papers, and your thesis presentations. It will go across the stage with you when you collect your diploma, and shine in pictures that will hang in your family’s living room for years to come.

It marks a starting point and an end point. The end of one chapter of your life, that comprised of intentional learning and new connections. And the beginning of another chapter, one of newfound independence and infinite possibilities.


Though identical on the outside (gold vs. silver aside), they all mean something different. The engravings on the inside differentiate each journey using symbols and words, commemorating a person’s acceptance to university, their degree, family member’s initials, and inside jokes. These truly show how unique each person’s experience at StFX can be. We all attend the same institution, yet we perceive it in a thousand different ways. We come from various backgrounds, were raised in different faiths, have numerous skin colours, sexualities, genders, and interests. Yet we were all brought together by a common experience. In the end we come together and graduate as one. And isn’t that what university is meant to be?


With 101 days until X-Ring, take this year to remember who you were when you first arrived at StFX, and think about who you want to be when you leave. Help out the new students, challenge your peers, and push yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Take in every moment- you’ll be graduating before you know it!

PS: 10 days until new students arrive and start their own X-ring countdown!


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