Mi’kmaq History Month

October is Mi’kmaq History Month in Nova Scotia and to kick off the celebrations, StFX has a flag raising ceremony today, Sept. 30th. We as a University are proud to celebrate Mi’kmaq history and culture on our campus and province! The flag raising ceremony will be at 2:30pm outside Morrison Hall across from the Xavier Gardens. As for the province of NS, there are events upon events happening all month, including StFX’s Alan Syliboy, our Coady Chair of Social Justice, who is also a Mi’kmaw artist, will be touring Oct. 7-24 with his Thundermaker exhibition. October has been dedicated to Mi’kmaq History since 1993 in Nova Scotia, making this the 23rd year!

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Economics @ X

The Economics Department at X is quickly growing and becoming a power house. In the past five years, the enrollment in Economics courses has grown by almost 80% at StFX. According to their website, the Honours students graduating from the Economics department have been offered job placements and graduate school placements from the best in the country!

economy and women july post.jpgSo Economics is super cool because it can explain the behaviour of markets and asset prices, very closely related to the business field. It also looks at the structure and organization of society, related to a liberal arts education. Economics also looks at cause and effects, which can relate to a science field. More specifically, we see economists working in health care, manufacturing, government, banking, and more! All that being said, we can easily see how economics can be transferred to many disciplines and how important it truly is.

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Peeing in Peace

So Washroom Inclusivity is the next thing we are fighting for! The StFX Students’ Union even has a whole page about it: http://www.theu.ca/?q=node/40

This campaign is trying to map out washrooms and determine their inclusivity level. This campaign is so important and having gender-neutral washrooms can really ease a person’s day.

Did you know?

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Contest Winner!

Hello again, everyone!

Congratulations to BURKE on winning Frosh Cup! You had some tough competition but it was a much deserved win!

We’ve had quite a busy week keeping up with Orientation Week Events and capturing everyone’s favourite moments, but we are finally able to celebrate the August and O-Week Blog Contest winners!

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