Tent Party

The majority of our first year students have now experienced their first night in their home away from home, StFX. Day One, Welcome Day, was filled with so many activities, including waiting in line, for what must have seemed like years for some people, meeting the President of the University, Kent MacDonald, unpacking your belongings into your new room, and for some, saying goodbye to their parents. For many first years, they will remember this day for years to come. They will remember waiting in line for hours, getting their picture taken with our super cool hip poster signs, unpacking three stuffed suitcases and two large bins into the room that they will call home. They will also remember O-Crew. Scratch that… They will never forget O-Crew. O-Crew will not be forgotten by any who cross their path! They also won’t forget their first night out with their new roommates, housemates, and future best friends.

The StFX Students’ Union hosted the Tent Party Saturday night, featuring two bands. One band, “Next Exit” is an East Coast cover band from Nova Scotia and our Live n’ Local band was “Domenico”, an Indie Pop/Rock band featuring students from StFX. Rachel LeBlanc, Vice President of Activities and Events of the Students’ Union, decided to go with the two different forms of entertainment this year, a new aspect from previous years. This direction was in order to accommodate the different tastes of our first year students, as we know people have different ideas of a good night and to appeal to more people on campus. Rachel stated that the Live n’ Local was more of a chill vibe and when checking it out for myself, I 100% agree. There were comfy couches and fun lighting to set a chill mood if you weren’t up for jumping and screaming, like the Tent entertainment. Rachel also noted that this is an “opportunity for students to meet others with similar interests.” We understand the first day can be very overwhelming for some students and having a more low-key event will allow these students to still get to an event but be more relaxed!



As for the Tent party, all I saw were smiles, big smiles! All the students were so happy to be there, even though the line to get in looked similar to the one they stood in that morning! You’d swear you went to Disney World with all these lines. Well let me tell you, it’s just as fun as Disney! “Next Exit” performed absolutely amazing, in my opinion, and the students were LOVING it! I was a bit envious that they weren’t at my O-Week! Trying to chat with the students at this event was a bit trickier as the music was blasting! But from their shouting, jumping, dancing (like o-crew), and grinning ear-to-ear, I can only assume they were having the best time!


“Next Exit”

I hope all the first year students got a good night sleep last night, because I do believe O-Crew was waking them up this morning around 7am! Oh what it must be like to be a first year again! To be able to function off minimal sleep in a new environment and still hold on to that energy for the next day! Well, check in again tomorrow to see how today went!


PS, I know I talk (type?) like I’m ancient, but I’m really not. I’m still pretty cool.


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