So Monday was Academic Day! You had your first taste of what university classes might be like! You got to meet other people in your program and you will make strong bonds with these people! You’ll get through labs, midterms, paper season, tutorials, and 8:15’s together! You also had your Xaverian Welcome. You all put your future graduation gowns on and committed to the Xaverian Pledge. In four years (for the majority of you) this will come full circle when you put your gowns on again at X-ring and Graduation and recite the Pledge again. It’s another special tradition that we have here at StFX.


You then got to attend PLAYFAIR! OMG so fun! Playfair is such a great opportunity to meet other people in a super fun and comfortable environment! As soon as you entered you got greeted by the rest of your class! The classic Playfair tunnel is a great way to start things off and you do feel #famous. During Playfair you were divided into different groups, learned everyone’s name, hometown, fun summer activity, and before you know it, you were looking at 4 completely new people. This event gets you up and moving and meeting people. In some activities you are grouped with something in common, like birth month. Others, it’s completely random. The people wearing glasses and contacts also got bombarded with hello’s as everyone had to meet someone wearing them! The Birthday Wave was another really fun activity, especially to watch, as each month jumped up in a row!


When I step back and think about Playfair, this is what I come up with: this event has the least amount of props/visuals and some students say it’s their favourite. The part that makes it so fun is doing silly things with complete strangers. But it’s okay to do this, because 900 other people are doing it too. You are surrounded in an environment in which the sillier you dance, the better. The louder you shout, the better. This really allows for students to let loose in a safe, fun environment, while meeting new friends along the way.

Well I hope you are all rested for your first day of university classes and I hope no one gets lost! I know I have an 8:15 so that sucks, but hey, you win some, you lose some. ENJOY!


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