Wes Barker/Glow Games

When first years look back on their Frosh Week, I’m sure tonight will stand out as one of the best.

It started off with Wes Barker, a stunt magician from Vancouver, whose unique mix of magic and comedy kept the crowd entertained from the moment they walked in, until the moment they left.

Literally. Even the sound guy was laughing.

He brought so many students up on stage, so each house had a connection to his tricks as they cheered for their roommates and new friends. Basically #famous. We learned that some students aren’t as #powerful with a blow dart as they’d like, that some think about cars a little more than they sure (though are certainly reluctant to draw them…), and that if you cheer loud enough you can get up on stage and get Wes Barker’s number- and he’s at least an 8 according to a super reliable source (ie. Wes  Barker).

Students then made their way through the line of O-Crew to an event that’s much improved from the X-Games of previous years. Here, students wore their white frosh shirts, gathered in the main gym, and played games under black light.

First years were immediately engaged. They joined groups and got started right away playing duck-duck-goose, ninja, ball games, and more! O-Crew did a great job keeping students going from the get-go. The black lights definitely added a lot to the night and gave it some extra excitement! The neon balloons, balls, and signs really made the whole room pop! Definitely an event that should continue in the future.

I hope everyone had a great first day of classes and are well-rested for day 2!


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