Society Night!

After several long, exciting, high energy days, this was a great evening to slow down, go at your own pace, and look toward the rest of your journey at StFX.

Society Night is always a huge hit, and continuing it in the Keating Centre (like last year) instead of the MacKay Room was a great choice.

Immediately when you walk in was the smell of freshly popped popcorn and success. Bright futures and endless opportunities for involvement shone through the crowds of people and toward the first years.

In addition to the classic societies related to academics (such as the Psych Society, the Pre-Med Society, the Bio Society, and many many more) were societies geared toward helping people (Best Buddies, Rotaract, etc.), societies that relate to certain nationalities and other diverse features (International Society, X-Pride, etc.), and societies related to sports (badminton, water polo, hockey, soccer, etc.). And that’s still not even a complete list of the types of societies!

Society night really proves how dedicated Xaverians are to making our school great and inclusive of all interests.

Miss out on your chance to get involved? The Students’ Union App has a list of societies that you can browse through.

Interested in getting involved in something but didn’t put your name on the e-mail list? Search for specific societies on Facebook.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Talk to your RA or contact the Students’ Union to see what you can do to get in touch and get involved!


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