So last night was your last night of Orientation Week and for most of the first year, today marks your one-week anniversary of being here! Congrats! You made it through the first seven days! It gets harder from here lol. For all the lucky Business students, you experienced your first Business Friday (maybe) and for all the Science students, your labs may have been cancelled this week but you will hit the ground running next week!

Last night was one of the finales for O-Week! Nathan Shaw, Ekali, is an amazing EDM (electronic dance music) DJ! He is a fellow Canadian, with his hometown being Vancouver. Recently, Ekali got two writing credits on Drake’s album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Drake. You know him? Yah me too… WHOA COOL

I tried to find all the juicy gossip on this really cool guy, but since just producing and touring for two years, he’s just a regular cool guy who decided to follow his dream! Good call Nathan!

Playing before Ekali last night was our very own, DJ BabZ is a MacNeil Marauder and has been killin’ it in this town since he got here! I can attest to his jams… They actually are amazing! From personal experience, you literally cannot stop dancing to his remixes. They flow together so nicely and incorporate all the top songs! He is also a regular performer at the local pub, Pipers, so if you missed him last night, there’s plenty of opportunities left (if you’re 19+).

I could go on and on about the concert last night, but you really had to be there to get the full experience! Our first year students seemed to absolutely love the concert! Let’s hope they all got rested up for their big day today with SHINERAMA!!


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