Contest Winner!

Hello again, everyone!

Congratulations to BURKE on winning Frosh Cup! You had some tough competition but it was a much deserved win!

We’ve had quite a busy week keeping up with Orientation Week Events and capturing everyone’s favourite moments, but we are finally able to celebrate the August and O-Week Blog Contest winners!

Our August winner was Blake Hatt! Blake is a first year StFX student in the Health Sciences Colloquium. His favourite blog post so far was Meal Hall Hacks!

Our O-Week winner was Hannah MacDonald! Hannah is also a first year X students. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts. Meal Hall Hacks must have been a popular post because it was her favourite too!

Thank you to all our subscribers for sticking with us throughout the summer and congrats again to all our winners!

Worried that we’re abandoning you all for the school year?! Fear not! We will continue posting EVERY WEEK throughout the entire school year!

Check back each Friday (or subscribe for e-mail notifications) to read a Feature from some place on campus. We’ll be highlighting societies, faculties, houses, individuals, places, and more! You never know what we’ll be writing about next!



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