Peeing in Peace

So Washroom Inclusivity is the next thing we are fighting for! The StFX Students’ Union even has a whole page about it:

This campaign is trying to map out washrooms and determine their inclusivity level. This campaign is so important and having gender-neutral washrooms can really ease a person’s day.

Did you know?

  • 43% of LGBTQ students identified their school washroom as being unsafe
  • 52% of trans youth reported feeling unsafe is school washrooms
  • Gender variant students listed gender segregated spaces as most unsafe
  • 68% reporting that they were told they were in the wrong facility, told to leave the facility, questioned about their gender, ridiculed or made fun of, verbally threatened or stared at and given strange looks
  • 9% of respondents reported an actual physical assault has also occurred, including being forcibly removed from the restroom, hit, kicked, intimidated or cornered
  • 18% of respondents reported they were simply denied access to a restroom. Several of them were students whose education suffered because of this discrimination, in part because of excessive absences
Taken from:

So, as you can see, this is an extremely important task that we face as an inclusive university! And we’re not the only ones! Campuses across the country are moving towards gender-neutral washrooms, as well as businesses! Look at this sign installed at CNE:

CNE Washroom Sign

The world is slowing changing and I am so excited that I’m here when it is! As for the project at StFX, it is planned to create a map and encourage people to start thinking about this issue on campus. In the majority of our residences, there are non-specific gender washrooms available. However, it is in our buildings, where classes are held, that do not have this.

This is a cause I care about extremely, because who shouldn’t be able to #peeinpeace? Recently, I found a washroom on campus, that has stalls AND is gender-neutral! I was beyond happy to see that we are becoming even more of an inclusive university! Don’t believe me? Well you can check it out for yourself! It is located on the first floor of the Library, near the new Student Success Centre! Actually you should probably check that out too, it’s pretty awesome! And while you’re at the library, you should just stay and study!

While you’re there you can #peeinpeace, wherever you feel most comfortable!



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