Economics @ X

The Economics Department at X is quickly growing and becoming a power house. In the past five years, the enrollment in Economics courses has grown by almost 80% at StFX. According to their website, the Honours students graduating from the Economics department have been offered job placements and graduate school placements from the best in the country!

economy and women july post.jpgSo Economics is super cool because it can explain the behaviour of markets and asset prices, very closely related to the business field. It also looks at the structure and organization of society, related to a liberal arts education. Economics also looks at cause and effects, which can relate to a science field. More specifically, we see economists working in health care, manufacturing, government, banking, and more! All that being said, we can easily see how economics can be transferred to many disciplines and how important it truly is.

The Economics Department at X has a small but mighty faculty of the following:

Greg Tkacz (Ph.D. McGill), Professor & Chair: Monetary Policy, Time-Series Econometrics, Macroeconomics

Jonathan Rosborough (Ph.D. Western Ontario), Assistant Professor: Applied Microeconomic Theory, Public Economics, Economics of Nonprofit Organizations

Patrick Withey (Ph.D. Victoria), Assistant Professor: Natural Resource

Zeynep Ozkok (Ph.D. Carlos III – Madrid), Assistant Professor: International Finance and Macroeconomics, Economic Growth and Development, Financial Economics, Globalization and Inequality

Cornelius Christian (D.Phil. Oxford), Assistant Professor: Economic History, Economics of Violence, Development Economics

Santo Dodaro (Ph.D. Toronto), Associate Professor: Development Economics.

Teng Wah Leo (Ph.D. Toronto), Associate Professor: Applied Microeconomics, Applied Econometrics, Economics of the Family

Brandon Malloy (Ph.D. Western Ontario), Assistant Professor: International Trade, Macroeconomics

For the courses offered at StFX, the department has divided them into three distinct streams in order to help students choose their courses: Core Courses, Economic Policy, and Economic Management & Strategy. There’s also many ways students can be exposed to research in economics at X: Courses, Honours Thesis, and Research Assistant positions. The program at StFX is truly amazing and the professors are really great! There are also so many different types of courses, that usually everyone can find something they are interested in relating to economics.

The StFX Economics department is also hosting the 51st Annual Meeting of the Canadian Economics Association in June 2017! More than 600 academic papers will be presented in 200 different sessions during this time. Guest speakers in attendance are from all over Canada and the US! This is a really great opportunity for students to listen in on some amazing research going on and a great opportunity for StFX to become more known for our Economics program/department.

If you’ve ever taken an economics course and enjoyed it, take more! If you have not taken an economics course but are interested, take one! I ended up liking Economics so much that I came back for an extra year just to get an Economics degree!

The Department of Economics is located on the 5th floor of Nicholson Tower if you feel like dropping by to a faculty’s office for a chat or checking out some previous Honour students’ thesis posters and research!

Check out their website for all the info you need to know! Also, the Student Handbook is a great resource as well!



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