Mi’kmaq History Month

October is Mi’kmaq History Month in Nova Scotia and to kick off the celebrations, StFX has a flag raising ceremony today, Sept. 30th. We as a University are proud to celebrate Mi’kmaq history and culture on our campus and province! The flag raising ceremony will be at 2:30pm outside Morrison Hall across from the Xavier Gardens. As for the province of NS, there are events upon events happening all month, including StFX’s Alan Syliboy, our Coady Chair of Social Justice, who is also a Mi’kmaw artist, will be touring Oct. 7-24 with his Thundermaker exhibition. October has been dedicated to Mi’kmaq History since 1993 in Nova Scotia, making this the 23rd year!

Treaty Day is another important day to everyone. Treaty Day celebrates the treaties formed between the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq and the Crown. There is an annual ceremony in which Mi’kmaw Nation and the Crown exchange gifts and to reaffirm the historic presence of the Mi’kmaq. Treaty Day was established in 1986, marking this year its 30th year! Here you can see a poster of all the events going on to celebrate Treaty Day!


You can participate too, by joining us at the flag raising ceremony, participating in any of the events happening this month, adding the hashtag #mikmaq to your photos and posts on social media, and even by learning more about the heritage and culture!

Here is the website if you want to learn more: http://mikmaqhistorymonth.ca

Just ONE fun fact that I learned from my research is when to use “Mi’kmaw” vs “Mi’kmaq”. For your own learning pleasure:

  •   The word Mi’kmaq (ending in q) is a noun that means the people
  •   Mi’kmaq is the plural form of the singular word ‘Mi’kmaw’
  •   Because it is plural, the word Mi’kmaq always refers to more than one Mi’kmaw   person or to the entire nationExamples:
  •   The Mi’kmaq have a rich history and culture
  •   A Mi’kmaw came to see me
  •   The Mi’kmaw nation

Taken from https://novascotia.ca/abor/docs/links/Use-of-Words.pdf


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