Bad Apples?

Department of Education

Everyone says that teachers don’t get jobs.

The Faculty of Education at StFX would beg to differ. If you walk into Xavier Hall (the building featured in a lot of StFX Instagram photos, is full of leaves, and appears generally old and decrepit), and go upstairs you will see a wall of photos. These are the photos of current 1st and 2nd year Education students, as well as the grads from the previous year. What makes these so remarkable is that, on the graduate photos, it lists where each person is now employed as a teacher. Some are subs, some are in specialized schools, some are overseas, and some have temporary or permanent employment here in Canada.

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It’s already the last Friday of October, which in itself is a little terrifying, but throw Halloween in the mix, and things just got a little more scary. As it’s Friday, there’s a chance you might have already started going out two days ago to celebrate Halloween. And because I know my demographic, there’s a chance you have several more plans to go out.

The responsible human part of me would first like to say YOU DO NOT NEED TO DRINK EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. Whether you started Wednesday, are starting tonight, or never stopped, please listen to what your body is telling you. Sleep is important. Water is important. Your life is important. Please be responsible.

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Women’s History Month

So October is Women’s History Month in Canada. Which is INCREDIBLE. I just wish more people knew it. 

International Day of the Girl was on October 11th, which had celebrities, politicians, and us regular people, all coming together to celebrate what girls have already and will continue to contribute to our society. It was a day for celebrating every girl and her accomplishments in creating a better future for herself, and for generations to come. I think it’s really powerful to see social media positively contributing to causes such as this and for providing a platform where people can speak openly about their visions for the future and what they want to see changed in the world to improve experiences of girls and women. 

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The Turkey Dump

Urban Dictionary defines turkey dump as “when a student returning from college breaks up with their significant other from high school. So-called because it traditionally takes place over thanksgiving break, the first time most students return from college”. Not a very fun activity to engage in over your first trip back home. But it happens to a lot of first year students! It happens so often in fact, there is even a website dedicated to posting stories of turkey dumps, available e-cards to send to people, and a great funny support system! You can check it out at

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