It’s already the last Friday of October, which in itself is a little terrifying, but throw Halloween in the mix, and things just got a little more scary. As it’s Friday, there’s a chance you might have already started going out two days ago to celebrate Halloween. And because I know my demographic, there’s a chance you have several more plans to go out.

The responsible human part of me would first like to say YOU DO NOT NEED TO DRINK EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. Whether you started Wednesday, are starting tonight, or never stopped, please listen to what your body is telling you. Sleep is important. Water is important. Your life is important. Please be responsible.

Now that you have read the important stuff, let’s get into the other important stuff.

Halloween means a couple of things:

  1. Candy. duh
  2. Costumes.

The candy part is pretty self-explanatory and pretty easy to manage. (Protip: buy it on November 1st and save yourself $$$$$)

Let’s get to costumes.

So, let’s say hypothetically you have social gatherings to attend Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, plus a dress up day for one of your classes, plus your cousin’s neighbours dog’s past owner’s sister’s trick-or-treat extravaganza. And one costume. That simply won’t do. You definitely don’t want to be “that guy” who wore red flannel as a lumberjack Friday night then the same red flannel Saturday night as a cowboy. It just won’t do.

So here are a few last-minute, relevant, easy Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank.

  • Find a red bandana and a denim shirt and you’re Rosie the Riveter. Bonus, people will be impressed with your historical knowledge.


  • Find a headband or pipe cleaner and attach artificial flowers to it. You’re the snapchat filter. If it works for Kim, it should work for you.


  • Wear all black, attach a plastic shot glass to yourself (or get one of those shot glass necklaces) and be “a shot in the dark.”

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 9.12.53 PM.png

  • Wear all green. Safety pin Christmas tree ornaments to yourself. Tie bows on your shoes to make them presents. You’re a Christmas Tree.


  • Get pompoms and wear cheerleading clothes. Make a sign that says “GO CEILINGS!” You’re a “ceiling fan.”


  • Wear yoga pants (or something similar), a baseball tee, and a baseball hat, and you’re a baseball player (baseball bat not recommended). You can be this cute too.


  • Safety pin stuffed cats to a bath robe. Put your hair up (or in a bath cap) to be a cat lady.


  • Buy name tag stickers. Write a bunch of different names on them. Stick them all to your body. You’re an identity thief.


  • This one’s pretty overdone, but if you’re in a pinch, throw on some shorts (or jorts), a Hawaiian shirt, a fanny pack, some socks and sandals, and maybe binoculars and be a tacky tourist.


  • Throw it back to your childhood and wear an oversized pink shirt, purple leggings, throw your hair in pink-tails, and safety pin a sock to the back of your shirt and you’re Boo from Monsters, Inc.


Hopefully some of these ideas help you out if you’re in a pinch. Antigonish doesn’t have many options for costume ideas on a budget, but you should be able to find any supplies you need at the Dollar Store or the Op Shop (2nd hand store on Main Street)*.

And if you’re still having trouble, Ellen has some pretty great ideas that you can check out too.**

*Not sponsored.

**Still not sponsored. But I WISH.



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