Bad Apples?

Department of Education

Everyone says that teachers don’t get jobs.

The Faculty of Education at StFX would beg to differ. If you walk into Xavier Hall (the building featured in a lot of StFX Instagram photos, is full of leaves, and appears generally old and decrepit), and go upstairs you will see a wall of photos. These are the photos of current 1st and 2nd year Education students, as well as the grads from the previous year. What makes these so remarkable is that, on the graduate photos, it lists where each person is now employed as a teacher. Some are subs, some are in specialized schools, some are overseas, and some have temporary or permanent employment here in Canada.

Although the students and faculty generally stay tucked away in our section of campus, we are very much a part of what makes StFX unique. The small class sizes are only part of what makes the Faculty of Education such a family.

Crystal Cliffs are the introduction to the program for all first years, with community building activities, teamwork, skits, cheers, and more! It’s a great opportunity to figure out who else is in the program and bond with students who haven’t done their undergrad at X.


And the bonding doesn’t stop there-

  • Pancake Breakfasts
  • Socials
  • Self-Improvement Fridays
  • Family Dinners

And more opportunities for Photo Ops and friendships.

Professional development days through the year provide even more opportunities to grow as pre-service teachers and get first-hand insights from professionals in various fields.

All the faculty who work in the Education Department were once teachers in their own classrooms, so you know that you are getting information from the best possible sources.

Guest speakers are brought in often from the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and other professional areas to expand our knowledge base.

As applicants, you can choose a focus in Elementary, Middle, or Secondary streams. The Middle Stream is pretty unique to StFX and allows pre-service teachers to get a Secondary teaching certificate but with specialized knowledge surrounding the middle years.


And the practicum period provides extra weeks of teaching, to give X students more time to prepare in the real-word setting, or an opportunity to do an alternate placement. Students can travel with a group of other pre-service teachers to a pre-determined location for an additional 6 weeks of teaching. Students can apply to do an alternate placement outside of a traditional classroom, such as at the Women’s Resource Centre, with L’Arche, or at the IWK.

If you’re interested in applying for the Bachelor of Education Program at StFX, contact Garnet Patterson, go to, or stop by Xavier Hall to talk to current B.Ed students. (Or comment on this blog and we’ll be sure to get back to you!)


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