That Mid-Semester Hump

We all know that Wednesday is hump day. You get through Wednesday and you can get through the week. Well, November is the hump day of first semester. Once you get through November, you’re on the home stretch to Christmas.


To celebrate this occasion, I thought I would feature 10 great things that have happened so far this year to boost your mood and get you ready to make it over this hump.

In no particular order…

  1. was revamped. I think we can all agree that this was necessary.
  2. X-rings have been ordered, sized, and are anxiously awaiting the move onto their new home (your finger) in 15 short days. Or in 380 days. Or 745. Or 1100. Or whatever. In any case, Get Hype.
  3. Our sports teams can’t be beat. Exhibit A. X-Women are Rugby National Champs.
  4. Exhibit B. X-Men Football Loney Bowl Champions.
  5. Exhibit C. Dr. Kent MacDonald’s Twitter feed is about 50% sport updates for StFX team wins. (@kentmacdonald)babysports.jpg
  6. By this point in the semester, the Sodexo ladies at Mini Moes know your order.
  7. You have a “go-to” stall/bathroom/washer/shower/everything in res, which makes it feel a little more like home. Let’s be real, it makes you happier when they’re available.
  8. You’re probably over that cold you’ve had since September. Or you’re not. But if you’ve had it this long it must be on its way out soon. Think of it as something to look forward to.
  9. There is currently free small coffee at McDonald’s. Get it while it’s hot. #win
  10. Cows that were trapped after an earthquake in New Zealand have been successfully rescued. (


Hopefully some of this happiness helped you think more toward the end of the semester. And if all else fails…

…take a nap.



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