‘Tis the Season

Well, not to shock the heck out of you BUT Christmas is in exactly one month… Kay what? Umm that can’t be right? Well check your calendars folks, it is! This time of year tends to be focused around giving, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or another holiday around this time, I feel as though the theme is about giving. I know, it’s such a classic thing to say, but it really is true.


If this is your first year at X you will start to notice as classes start to end and exams begin, many people on campus doing good deeds for others. If you’re in the right spot at the right time, someone might pay for your coffee at Mini Moes, pass out a candy cane to you in the library (or better yet, meal hall cookies), and more! Maybe someone will hold the door open a little longer for you to get there, the person sitting beside you in the gym for exams may wish you luck, and of course all the fourth years will be giddy and happy as anything with their new shiny X-rings!

Although as a university student, this time of year may start out as stressful, studying for exams, it’s important for us all to take a step back and think of the holiday season upon us. All those things I just listed that people might do for you? Well maybe you can take it upon yourself to do one or more of those things for someone else. It doesn’t take much to buy some cookies with all that DCB that you haven’t used up yet and pass them out in the library or the SUB (go to the SUB, that’s where I usually study) JOKING.. (not actually). Doing the smallest thing can really make someone else’s day AND you’ll feel like a million bucks doing it! You can also write to Santa (or mom/dad/grandma/grandpa) and tell them that you’ve been a really good person this year (and you won’t be lying). PLUS it’s a great way of procrastination. Trust me, it’s a win-win-win-win. And if you’re like the average university student, extremely broke, you don’t need to buy things to do something nice for someone. You can hold more doors open for people, let someone ahead of you in line, share your study table with another person, wish someone luck on their exam, wish your professor a “Happy Holiday” following your exam, saying thank-you more often, greeting staff on campus with a smile, cleaning up after yourself in meal hall (although you really should be doing this already), and if you’re REALLY up for it, grab a shovel once the snow starts and shovel. Shovel anywhere. Well like in places it makes sense to. Like stairs. Not the grass (ground?).

So I hope I got through to you and maybe you’ll try to take up a good deed between now and throughout the Holiday Season!



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