Women’s & Gender Studies

It is in my personal opinion that each student should require one Women’s and Gender course during university. I believe these courses are extremely valuable in how we may perceive the world today. At StFX, the program looks at traditional ideas about women and where they’ve come to today. This is not a program for only women – this is a program for any individual who wishes to create a society where all genders, races, sexual orientations, and abilities can have acceptance and respect for themselves. AKA, this program is BOSS. Who isn’t a feminist these days? Fighting for equality and all things fair? And don’t even get me on the whole “Feminism is man-hating” because it most definitely IS NOT that whatsoever. Perhaps if more people took Women’s and Gender classes, more people would understand this simple concept of human equality.

For StFX specifically, you can find their handbook and many more resources here: http://sites.stfx.ca/womens_and_gender_studies/handbook.

The program was officially launched just 20 years ago, in 1996, titled The Women’s Studies Program. It’s not easy to just create a program; it was a full year in the making. In 1995, the StFX Women’s Caucus wanted to improve the climate for women on campus and decided a Women’s Studies program was needed. An ad-hoc committee was formed soon after and they wrote a proposal for the program. This proposal had to be passed by the Faculty of Arts Committee on Studies, the Faculty of Arts, and the Senate! (no big deal…) And that was just internal to StFX. The program then had to get approved by the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Council (MPHEC). In the fall of 1996, the Women’s Studies Program officially came into existence. Just fifteen years later, in November 2011, the Women’s Studies program received approval from the University Senate to change the name of the program to Women’s and Gender Studies. So if you have ever thought StFX is missing a program, be prepared for a long journey, although it’s 100% worth it!

So some of you are probably thinking, “Oh those kind of courses don’t apply to what I’m interested in or currently studying.” Well, THINK AGAIN! Women’s and Gender Studies courses are cross-listed with so many other departments, such as Sociology, Religious Studies, History, Anthropology, English, Human Kinetics, Psychology, Political Sciences, Nursing, and Business! So if you are in ANY of these programs, there’s a  Women’s and Gender Studies course out there for you! Check out these courses here: http://sites.stfx.ca/womens_and_gender_studies/materials.

So if you are a woman, or a man, or a human being, you should really look more into these amazing courses and/or program! You won’t regret it!


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