The Grind

*Knock, knock.. *Opens door.. *Reality slapping you in the face… reality-slap-on-slap-day

Well hello and Welcome to The Grind. This is it, the final stretch before you travel back to your homeland and stuff you face with turkey and chocolates and buy gifts and open gifts and have some nights have a little too much “eggnog”… YOU CAN DO IT! One week or less from now exams will be over for you! But until then, here are some great tips to make you last:

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Shoulda Put a Ring on It

There is no other.

I’m talking about the X-Ring, of course. The thing graduating students have been looking forward to for the past hundreds (or thousands) of days. Sure, degrees are cool too, but the ring! It’s so shiny and magical.

(As someone who’s typing this with sparkly gold metal already on her finger, I can fully attest to its magical powers.)

It’s absolutely true that once people see it on your finger, whether you’re down the street or across the world, you instantly have a connection. It’s a conversation starter, the best fashion accessory, a link to alumni from last year and last century, and potentially your new most cherished possession. K definitely your most cherished possession.

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