Shoulda Put a Ring on It

There is no other.

I’m talking about the X-Ring, of course. The thing graduating students have been looking forward to for the past hundreds (or thousands) of days. Sure, degrees are cool too, but the ring! It’s so shiny and magical.

(As someone who’s typing this with sparkly gold metal already on her finger, I can fully attest to its magical powers.)

It’s absolutely true that once people see it on your finger, whether you’re down the street or across the world, you instantly have a connection. It’s a conversation starter, the best fashion accessory, a link to alumni from last year and last century, and potentially your new most cherished possession. K definitely your most cherished possession.

And now it’s all yours. (well, tomorrow)

No doubt you’ll be shaking as you carefully take it out of its box, place it on your finger, and pull out your phone to capture the occasion. Just be sure you look up every once in a while to take everything in.

And because this comes out the day before X-Ring, and there may be some non-graduating readers, here are some X-Ring Ceremony tips and tricks from someone who’s been there.

  1. Remember your number. Check it before you get there. You want to get the right ring don’t you??
  2. For the love (the x-ring) God, if you are writing something down to show the camera write it in BIG BOLD BLACK marker and hold it steady. No one can read it if it’s scribbled in pen and flashed up for half a second. You’re better off thanking your parents in person than holding up a white piece of paper.
  3. You do you! Don’t want to hold up paper? Don’t. Don’t want to jump for joy in heels and a dress? Don’t. Don’t want to go to the ceremony? Don’t. It’s your life, do whatever makes you happy.
  4. Breathe, and take it all in. It likely only happens once. (Probably).

And CONGRATS! Welcome to the club (read: cult).



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