The Grind

*Knock, knock.. *Opens door.. *Reality slapping you in the face… reality-slap-on-slap-day

Well hello and Welcome to The Grind. This is it, the final stretch before you travel back to your homeland and stuff you face with turkey and chocolates and buy gifts and open gifts and have some nights have a little too much “eggnog”… YOU CAN DO IT! One week or less from now exams will be over for you! But until then, here are some great tips to make you last:

  • Get lots of sleep – I know, I know, who has time to sleep? But maybe instead of watching Netflix before bed you could just go to bed.
  • Don’t eat crappy food – Your brain will thank you! If you constantly eat bad food, you’ll crash and burn and fail. Don’t do this.
  • Walk as much as possible – I would have said go to the gym/exercise here, but let’s be real, a lot of us are too lazy or really don’t have enough time, so at least get up and walk around as much as you can!
    • You could also go to the KMC for a free skate! Those are always fun : )
  • Pace yourself – seriously, don’t cram. I mean if it has to be done, ok, but don’t leave the hardest chapter until the very end, really try to plan ahead
  • Bring study snacks – it’s good to eat small amounts (snacks) throughout the day to keep yourself energized and *ready to learn* and it’s a good excuse to eat
    • See tip #2, don’t just bring all chocolate, at least try to get some fruit in there
  • WATER – PLEASE drink water! You are putting your body through intense studying everyday for a long period of time. You really need to prepare your body as best you can to get the best results.

Some other good things to know about after exams are over:

  • Dec. 19th – Applications for Winter Semester Bursaries open up (
  • Dec. 21st – Marks are due! Sometimes profs push this, so don’t freak out if you don’t see your mark right away (on Mesamis) but it shouldn’t be too long after!
  • Jan. 4th – Classes start again

Good luck and Happy Holidays!


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