Music @ X

StFX offers an amazing Music program, allowing students to learn more on jazz and popular music. The program offers private sessions with the faculty and help you build your music abilities. In the first year of this program, students learn the basic structure and theory of music while also studying the history of jazz and popular music along with individual lessons.c1hzmcyxgaadihu

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Hockey Cup Season

With Chillis/TnT behind us, we can now officially say we’re in the midst of hockey cup season. The time when res traditions (and rivalries) come out in full force and the people working them pray that it all goes by without a hitch (I’m looking at you XPs and RAs).

Everyone has their team. Whether you’re a Chick (Chunk), Brawler, Pitbull, Leopard, or anything in between, you know your colours, you wear them with pride, and you let your cheers be heard.

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Mini Moes Mysteries: REVEALED

So Mini Moes is the beloved, centrally located, cafĂ© on campus. Being named after Morrison Hall (Meal Hall), Mini Moes is located in the same building on the side. Whether you are headed to the Lib, Schwartz, Nicholson, PSC, you’re usually going to pass by Mini Moes! So it’s a well known place, but still has some secrets that we just need to let you in on!

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to campus! I hope everyone had a restful break and ate lots of homemade food!

If you’re anything like me, the break is great but it’s always nice to get back into the routine of classes and independence. One of the amazing things about StFX is that everyone is always so eager to get back, see their friends, and jump back into societies and their other areas of involvement.

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