Welcome Back!

Welcome back to campus! I hope everyone had a restful break and ate lots of homemade food!

If you’re anything like me, the break is great but it’s always nice to get back into the routine of classes and independence. One of the amazing things about StFX is that everyone is always so eager to get back, see their friends, and jump back into societies and their other areas of involvement.

One of the major events that is coming up at X is our Students’ Union election. This is a big moment. Who we elect into our Students’ Union has a huge impact on how the next year will function. Will it be someone brand new to the union, who will bring fresh ideas and innovation? Will it be someone with years of experience, and knowledge of past events to contribute? There are many factors that go into choosing a candidate who is Just Right.

This year, we have 2 candidates for President and 3 for Vice-President, who all bring various perspectives and can succeed for a multitude of reasons. For your ease, here is a breakdown of the candidates and their main areas of interest:


Phil Elzein: 1. More study space; 2. Happy Campus Act (includes better smoking areas, better meal hall hours, liquor lounges, and better building access); 3. Program to help students transition into the working world; 4. Student input into the development of campus.

Annie Sirois: 1. Provide International Students with immediate health coverage upon arriving in Nova Scotia; 2. Provide students with more leadership opportunities by adding students-at-large to every Students’ Union committee; 3. Provide students with more transitionary courses (courses that train students for real work in their field); 4. Provide students with greater control/consultation on where their extra fees are spent.


Tiffany MacLennan: 3 main focuses- helping students, accessibility and promotion. Goals- Begin a fund for students who may not be able to afford their textbooks; Have the students union be more accessible to students by hosting events/office hours in places other than their offices; Begin promotional campaigns promoting campus resources such as society ran tutorials, tutoring services, etc.; Hosting events for students and faculty to voice successes/concerns happening on campus and in classrooms.

Patrick Panet-Raymond: Main focus- Prioritizing Student Safety on Campus. Goals- Working towards reducing student binge drinking; Integrating Mental Health Awareness into the classroom; Restructuring and Improving Bring in the Bystander Program/Training; Interdisciplinary degree options in Human Kinetics and Bachelor of Business Administration.

Rob Haswell: Key pillars- 1. Reform and Transparency; 2.Inclusivity; 3.Mental Health; 4.New Degrees.  

Regardless of who you vote for, we encourage everyone to get involved, share their opinions, and have their voice heard through this election.

The next debate is happening on January 17th, and voting is January 24th and 25th.

We look forward to a great second semester!


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