Mini Moes Mysteries: REVEALED

So Mini Moes is the beloved, centrally located, café on campus. Being named after Morrison Hall (Meal Hall), Mini Moes is located in the same building on the side. Whether you are headed to the Lib, Schwartz, Nicholson, PSC, you’re usually going to pass by Mini Moes! So it’s a well known place, but still has some secrets that we just need to let you in on!

  • Ask for Steamed chocolate milk for your mocha (many students agree it’s better than chocolate powder)
    • Can also ask for steamed Almond milk
  • Try steamed white milk with flavour shots, they are de-lish
  • You can also add flavour shots to pretty much any drink you want
  • Adding cinnamon to your coffee can give you an extra shot of flavour
  • Mini Moes alternates between vanilla and hazelnut flavoured coffee, which is definitely  worth it
  • You can bring your tea bag from home and just ask for hot water in a cup
  • If you bring your own mug, you get a discount! And you’re being environmentally friendly which is always a win
  • GET A COFFEE CARD! Let’s be real, how many coffee’s will you buy for your 2:15’s or 3:45’s?? If you get a coffee card, you can eventually get a free coffee!


  • If you just need a place to get some cold water, Mini Moes keeps a fresh cold cooler of water just to the right of the counter
  • To avoid a long line, try to go on the hour or at twenty after the hour to avoid the rushes
  • The bathrooms in Mini Moes are GENDER NEUTRAL (whoop!) AND private, allowing for an excellent place to go #2 if you’re a bit poop shy  ; )

Here are the regular hours for your convenience:

  • Monday – Thursday
    • 7:30am-11:00pm
  • Friday
    • 7:30am-10:00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday
    • 9:30am-10:00pm

Now you really have no excuses for not studying early on the weekends because on your way to the lib you can stop by and grab a bagel and a coffee before meal hall opens!

Do you have some secret hacks that you’re willing to share?? Comment below with your tip and be entered to win a sick Mini-Moes-related prize!


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