Hockey Cup Season

With Chillis/TnT behind us, we can now officially say we’re in the midst of hockey cup season. The time when res traditions (and rivalries) come out in full force and the people working them pray that it all goes by without a hitch (I’m looking at you XPs and RAs).

Everyone has their team. Whether you’re a Chick (Chunk), Brawler, Pitbull, Leopard, or anything in between, you know your colours, you wear them with pride, and you let your cheers be heard.

However, this year, there were some changes to the house hockey cup schedule, with one game notably missing from the season. The legendary BurMac cup was cancelled last year due to damages in the arena, and a trend of misbehaviour that is almost as old as the game itself. Despite the Town of Antigonish being adamant that the game would not return this year, the coaches, players, and residents of MacIsaac and Burke were not going to let the tradition derail that easily. They have been working hard to prove to StFX that they are mature enough to participate in the hockey season and that the game can move on campus, but there are still doubts. The students’ passion for upholding the tradition has inspired them to revamp the goals of BurMac. What has, in past years, been the messiest game, with spectators getting overly intoxicated, fighting, damaging property (both on and off campus), and causing mayhem for the entire town, is now bring re-proposed as a charity game to bring it back to its roots. Although the season certainly seems shorter without BurMac, a set of specific rules will likely need to be in place for this game to go on without any issues.


Another change to the hockey cup season this year is the re-integration of MSB into the lineup. The residence has been closed for the past three years so their rivalry with the Plessis Panthers had been passed to the Off-Campus Cheetahs, who previously had no rival. Despite being the quietest of all the games, residents of all three houses, and MSB alumni still hold it dear to their heart. When the game was between MSB and Plessis, it was dubbed “Messis,” which then turned into “OCP” when the Mount closed. Now that all three houses will now compete tournament-style, there has been some discussion toward what the new name should be. Both “O’Messis” and “Ploffnard” have been brought up as options but I guess we’ll need to wait for the game to see the final decision.


Dates for the remaining Hockey Cups are:

  • Laser (Lane and Fraser)- January 28th
  • Bathtub Cup (O’Regan and Riley)- February 11th
  • TriMac (MacDonald, MacPherson, and MacNeil)- March 2nd-4th
  • Ploffnard/O’Messis (Plessis, Off-Campus, MSB)- March 8th-10th

Regardless of who you cheer for, go out, have fun, and be safe this hockey cup season.



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