History? Our Story.

One of the most active departments on campus, especially in terms of engagement with students and social media presence, is our History Department!

The History Department at X offers tons of unique program opportunities. Students can enrol in concentrations in Medieval, European, Latin American, Canadian History and more, as well as Art History and Anthropology. Introductory courses in Western Civilization, Global History, and and the History of Canada offer first-year students plenty of options while discovering their interests. With professors who are passionate about each specialization and truly care about student success, I can personally attest to the greatness of this program.

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‘Nish ‘Za

The most popular on-campus rivalry might be between Burke and MacIsaac, but off-campus, Kenny’s and The Wheel take that title. It’s a common point of contention between friends during late night snack sessions, but why are they the only two contestants?

Antigonish has more pizza places than people. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but we do have so many that it’s hard to keep them all straight. So here’s the lowdown on all things ‘za in the ‘Nish:

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Spring Break

Reading Week. Spring Break. Winter Break. Whatever you want to call it, it’s here! Many of you are also in the midst of midterms, happening before and after the break. And because of all the weather this week, I’m guessing many of them have gotten pushed back. This is a little disappointing, but what isn’t disappointing is that when you come back after the break, you’ll only have SIX WEEKS LEFT OF CLASSES! First years will be bumped up to that second year status, seconds years will have half their degree completed, third years will be entering their final year and counting down until X-ring, and the fourth years will be graduating (for the majority of students). This is the home-stretch!

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Bauer Power

One of my favourite things about StFX is that there are so many¬†little hidden treasures that you only get to experience if you’re a student here. The most obvious of these is the magic of X-Ring, but there are tons of other examples, as well.

  • Like how the Mini Moes door is the heaviest one on campus;
  • the spirit and identity that accompany the usually random selection of a frosh house;
  • that by 4th year you can transition from having a drink at the pub with your professor to having several drinks at the pub with your friends; and
  • that you need to wake up at 5:30am to get a PSC pod during exams (okay that one might not be so great..). One of the most underrated amenities that X provides is our little theatre.

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CFXU The Fox

Did you know that StFX has a student-run radio station? This may be news for a lot of students on campus, but it’s true! CFXU 93.3 FM The Fox is known as “The Foxiest Station in the Nation” and provides a community-based alternative voice in the Nish. The station is not directed by commercial interests and is run by students on campus with students having their own radio shows on pretty much any topic! The Fox is primarily funded by the StFX Students’ Union and through other various independent businesses locally.

This radio station has multiple shows run by various students on campus altered to their own specific interests! Whether it’s one type of genre being played or a talk show on a certain subject, each hour has something different to offer! Here is the latest schedule taken from their website:

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