CFXU The Fox

Did you know that StFX has a student-run radio station? This may be news for a lot of students on campus, but it’s true! CFXU 93.3 FM The Fox is known as “The Foxiest Station in the Nation” and provides a community-based alternative voice in the Nish. The station is not directed by commercial interests and is run by students on campus with students having their own radio shows on pretty much any topic! The Fox is primarily funded by the StFX Students’ Union and through other various independent businesses locally.

This radio station has multiple shows run by various students on campus altered to their own specific interests! Whether it’s one type of genre being played or a talk show on a certain subject, each hour has something different to offer! Here is the latest schedule taken from their website:


When there’s no one scheduled in the booth, there is always music playing for your entertainment!

YOU can also have your own show! All you have to do is fill out a super easy form online: and the Programming Manager gets back to you with info!

WAYS YOU CAN LISTEN IN: You can listen by tuning to 93.3FM and if you’re out of reach you can always listen online through their website: You can also listen to CFXU straight from your iTunes. Find ‘Internet Radio’ and click on the ‘College/University’ drop down menu. Scroll down and you can find us listed as ‘Radio CFXU ‘The Fox”. There is also the Tunein Streaming App: Step 1: Get the free TuneIn App on iTunes Store or the Google Play Store Step 2: Follow ‘The Fox‘ on TuneIn Step 3: TuneIn, rock out!

Check them out on Facebook too: CFXU 93.3 FM – The Fox.



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