Bauer Power

One of my favourite things about StFX is that there are so many little hidden treasures that you only get to experience if you’re a student here. The most obvious of these is the magic of X-Ring, but there are tons of other examples, as well.

  • Like how the Mini Moes door is the heaviest one on campus;
  • the spirit and identity that accompany the usually random selection of a frosh house;
  • that by 4th year you can transition from having a drink at the pub with your professor to having several drinks at the pub with your friends; and
  • that you need to wake up at 5:30am to get a PSC pod during exams (okay that one might not be so great..). One of the most underrated amenities that X provides is our little theatre.

The Bauer Theatre is located between the PSC and the chapel and hosts SO MANY events during the year, yet somehow slips under the radar of most students. Considering how many students ask for more non-drinking events, you would think it would be utilized and appreciated more.


The main events at the Bauer are hosted by Theatre Antigonish, the small yet mighty theatre company that welcomes ‘Nish natives and X students alike into their midst to get lost in the stories they tell. Most recently, they performed This is a Play and followed it with an Improv showcase. And let me tell you, the talent that emanated from the stage was astounding. The performers have such a tenacity for pulling the audience into their minds and quickly had everyone entranced in reuniting the family members and laughing along with their conviction and tentativeness, despite mostly talking about lettuce.

Theatre Antigonish generally prepares several plays each year and there is usually a student or pay-what-you-can night, which is ideal for anyone who wants to broaden their horizons on a budget.


Even if plays aren’t your thing, the Bauer hosts other events there as well, so there’s no excuse to avoid their quaint atmosphere and bar (that’s right, there’s a small bar in the green room). The new X-Talks series used the venue to discuss themes of justice, music students will host performances there, and other societies use the space for variety shows.

The Bauer Theatre is definitely a treasure you’ll want to discover before you leave X.

Go to to learn more


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