‘Nish ‘Za

The most popular on-campus rivalry might be between Burke and MacIsaac, but off-campus, Kenny’s and The Wheel take that title. It’s a common point of contention between friends during late night snack sessions, but why are they the only two contestants?

Antigonish has more pizza places than people. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but we do have so many that it’s hard to keep them all straight. So here’s the lowdown on all things ‘za in the ‘Nish:

The Wheel


  • The classic Antigonish pizza. Locals love it, alumni love it, the no-brainer option for parents who visit at Homecoming, X-Ring, and graduation.
  • Extra cheesy, special sauce, doughy dough.
  • Personally, I think their slices after a night out are better than their full-sized pizzas because the cheese doesn’t slide off as easily, and (if we’re being honest), sober or not everything tastes better after midnight.
  • YOUniversity rating? 8/10 slices



  • The place that created the competition.
  • Located across from the Pub it’s a popular spot after a night of dancing.
  • Kenny the Kenny’s delivery guy will drive (and has driven) through any snowy, rainy, gross conditions to safely deliver your long-awaited masterpiece. Look out for his white SUV the next time you’re on campus. And give him a good tip, after all, you could have easily walked.
  • Great sauce/cheese balance.
  • YOUniversity rating? 7/10 slices

Snappy Tomato


  • Their pizza is often overlooked in favour of The Wheel or Kenny’s, but they’re not entirely out of the competition.
  • You can order online and make special requests. One time they drew a leopard on the outside of the box for me. No joke. It’s unrelated to the quality of their pizza, but it does satisfy in terms of customer service.
  • Their garlic fingers, though? Second to none. Seriously, they’re the best in town (in my opinion).
  • YOUniversity rating? 6/10 slices (8/10 for their garlic fingers)



  • Definitely overlooked. Rarely considered unless you’re interested in a party pizza. Located on James St. beside the Snow Queen, they’re just as accessible to on-campus students as Snappy’s.
  • Standard Greco recipe, offers student deals when you order online, but at the end of the day, it’s nothing to write home about.
  • YOUniversity rating? 2/10 slices

Little Christo’s


  • Looking for a fancier pizza experience? Little Christo’s is where it’s at. Made to order in-house, they offer gourmet dishes (with the gourmet price), on Main St.
  • Perfect for date nights, lunch meetings, or just a change in pace.
  • Worth the price.
  • YOUniversity rating? 7.5/10 slices

Pizza Delight 


  • Although it’s often overlooked because of the chain name in a town known for its local delicacies and small cafes, Pizza Delight pizza doesn’t mess around.
  • Reliable, available in their buffet, and in a DESSERT variety, it’s a great option for students on a budget.
  • YOUniversity rating? 6/10 slices

Boston Pizza


  • Have you ever thought to get pizza at BP when you go out with friends? Me neither. But maybe we should, considering it’s in the name…
  • Standard pizza, standard quality, but if I’m going to go for pizza, I’d probably pick somewhere else. Now their boneless wings are something to write home about!
  • YOUniversity rating? 5/10 slices



  • It gets a bad rap because it’s “meal hall food” but if you only think about the quality of the pizza, Sodexo is delicious. The dough is perfect, the toppings to sauce ratio are great, and there are a variety of options to choose from.
  • They work for X so they’ll cater your in-res events and just count it as a swipe, so it feels like free pizza. What’s better than free, delicious pizza?
  • YOUniversity rating? 7/10 slices

The Rolling Bricks Wood-Fired Pizza


  • You’ve probably seen this wood-fired pizza trailer at the Farmer’s Market, Football Games, or on the side of the road on your drive to Arisaig. No? Then you’re missing out.
  • Made to order. Wood-fired to give it a slightly smokey taste. Fresh ingredients. You can’t get much better.
  • YOUniversity rating? 7.5/10 slices

So whether you’re new to the area/X, looking to justify your pizza choices, or interested in changing things up in your diet, you have lots of options to satisfy your pizza cravings. It’s great to have a go-to, but don’t be afraid to try something new- you might surprise yourself!


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