History? Our Story.

One of the most active departments on campus, especially in terms of engagement with students and social media presence, is our History Department!

The History Department at X offers tons of unique program opportunities. Students can enrol in concentrations in Medieval, European, Latin American, Canadian History and more, as well as Art History and Anthropology. Introductory courses in Western Civilization, Global History, and and the History of Canada offer first-year students plenty of options while discovering their interests. With professors who are passionate about each specialization and truly care about student success, I can personally attest to the greatness of this program.

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 5.39.00 PM.png

They share historical news stories, important dates, campus events, and more via their Facebook page on a daily basis. To learn more about the department and how they connect with students, we talked to their social media rep, Barrie MacKenzie, who highlighted student projects and upcoming events we can celebrate.

Recently, a group of students visited the Antigonish Heritage Museum (located by the railroad tracks and The Landing) to learn more about the unique history right here in town. They observed artifacts that represent the people who first populated our county.


This weekend, StFX is hosting the Atlantic Universities Undergraduate History and Classics Conference for the first time since 2012. The theme this year is, “Resistance and Revolution.” Concurrent sessions will engage guests all weekend because of the hard work from students within the department.

With the 150th anniversary of Confederation this year, the department is enthusiastic about the year ahead. They are also offering courses about The USSR to mark the centennial of the Russian Revolution and a course surrounding Reformation Europe to mark the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

The department is also launching a social media contest relating to Antigonish’s historical landmarks. Students will be invited to identify important landmarks on campus and in the community using #Histocaching. Look out for this on Twitter and Facebook!


For more information about the program, you can contact the chair, Chris Frazer at cfrazer@stfx.ca or visit stfx.ca to see a list of all our programs and departments.


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