As the weather improves and it gets more green outside, we at StFX are trying to make our lives more green as well.

As you might have seen in your e-mails, StFX is launching a campaign to increase behaviours that help our environment (https://www.stfx.ca/sustainability). And it’s starting TODAY!

If it’s not too late, get yourself to the PSC at 11am to celebrate everything we, as individuals can do to help make the world a better place. (PS: There will be snacks).

Too late or can’t make it? Here are just some of the other amazing initiatives to watch out for this month!


  1. Bigger discount at Mini Moes for bringing a reusable mug. #savings #poorstudent
  2. Free swag (Be in the right place at the right time) #freestuff #poorstudent
  3. Contests when you share your sustainable practices #winnings #excitedstudent
  4. Pop-up campaigns (who knows what or where, but guaranteed to be fun!) #surprisedstudent
  5. Snapchat geofilter?! #funstudent
  6. More blogs! #literatestudent

That’s right, stfxblog is posting every Wednesday from now until April 5th with everything from what’s happening that week, tips to be more green, pop-up campaigns to help you get pumped, and more! Subscribe to get notified whenever we post and increase your chances of winning!

Together, let’s take simple steps for a greener X. #sustainablestfx



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