Greener X

Well, StFX officially launched their Sustainability Campaign last Wednesday @ the PSC which kicked off a five-week campaign that will help make sustainability more visible on campus. There was a great turnout and we heard speeches from Dr. Kent MacDonald, Mikayla Henderson (President of the Environmental Society), and Andrew Beckett (Vice President, Finance and Administration). All three speakers had great points as to why being a sustainable campus and human in general is so important and can have a huge impact. You can read more on the launch here:

Just two days later, reusable coffee mugs and reusable bags were handed out for free in the Bloomfield Centre, encouraging students to do away with paper cups and plastic bags and be less wasteful. Sodexo services also provide a discount to anyone who brings a reusable mug to fill up with! You can also buy one of these mugs from the Campus store for just $8!c51sc-swuaav2sh

On Monday free swag was handed out in front of the library! If you were quick enough or saw it being promoted on the StFX University Snapchat account (stfx_university), you walked away with an awesome StFX Sustainability travel mug and/or a free canvas bag! There will be a similar give-away TODAY (Wednesday) outside Mini Moes @ 1pm!

Look out for more exciting promotions, give-aways, and contests during the month of March!!


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