International Women’s Week

Wednesday was International Women’s Day! And this week we are celebrating all the amazing accomplishments women have had throughout history. Because there are millions.

This year’s theme is “Creative Resistance” to particularly celebrate and explore “how women use the arts to fight back, stand up, form solidarity, and celebrate their stories.”

There have already been movie screenings, paint parties, poster making, and a march and rally, but there’s still more you can participate in. There is a Feminist Hive on Sexuality and Femininity today (Friday) at noon in Coady 265, Saturday there is a family sing-a-long, and a Feminist Cabaret that night at the pub. (Feature photo and information taken from the International Women’s Week Facebook page, check it out for more details)


I think there can be a lot of judgement and myths that surround the celebration of women in history. Often, you hear comments such as “Where is International Men’s Day?” “we’re already equal” and other similar statements. That’s why it’s so important that we continue celebrating the great strides that have been made to improve the lives of women. These days and weeks are needed to remind all of society how far we HAVE progressed because of women who were not afraid to confront the people who said those things and build better lives for themselves. They are needed to remind society that we still have more to work towards.

Something that stands out for me when the topic of feminism is broached comes from one of Emma Watson’s speeches on the subject when she says that “she was confused about being called bossy because [she] wanted to direct the plays they put on for their parents, but the boys were not.” I see this phenomenon in my own life as well. Women who take charge “micro-manage” or are “bossy” while men who exude the same qualities are “leaders” or have “drive” and “passion.” The goal of feminism is NOT to claim that these men are not leaders, or do not have drive and passion, but to place the same positive classifications on women who demonstrate the same traits.

The women we celebrate during International Women’s Week, both famous and those close to us, women who were assigned that at birth and those who weren’t, women who were literally born yesterday, born 100 years ago, or not with us anymore, they all contribute something unique.

Let’s continue this celebration beyond this day, week, or month, and strive to honour them every day. Because, let’s face it, without women, there wouldn’t be anyone.


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