Your New Home: Bishops Hall

As I am typing this, we are now 54 DAYS UNTIL WELCOME DAY! That means 54 days until many of you will be moving into residence!

If you’ve been accepted to live in Bishops Hall, this post is all about you! Your new home consists of three small-but-mighty residences who have a ton of house spirit. The bottom two floors of Bishops are occupied by Burke House, while Fraser is located on third floor, and Plessis is found on the top floor of the building. Each house has its own unique charm and identity, but at the end of the day, all four floors in the building share a special community where you can be your own person and belong to a larger group at the same time.

Bishops is a heavily requested residence known for combining a modern and welcoming environment with a continuous social atmosphere. Although it is known as a quieter residence, it hosts many fun events throughout the year like Bishop’s Ball. It is the perfect spot for those looking for a place where they can enjoy common areas such as a central lounge and kitchen on each floor, along with the comforts of a quieter, relaxed dorm space to escape to for personal time. With such a friendly environment in residence, residents in Bishops Hall often form close-knit friendships that carry on once they move out of the building. One of the things that Bishops Hall residents cherish the most is the incredible cleaning staff, so be sure to say hello when you see them! If you’d like to find out more about who you’ll be meeting in Bishops Hall this fall, make sure to join the Bishops Hall Facebook group! Bishop’s Hall 2017-2018


Burke Brawlers 


Occupying the first floor and second floor of Bishops hall, Burke House is the ideal mix of everything university has to offer! Chalked full of pride and house spirit, Burke often feels more like a second family rather than a university dorm. Coming equipped with two kitchen areas, two lounges, and an always ideal 8:1 bathroom ratio, Burke is a perfect combination of great people AND great space. Need something even brighter and bolder than yourself? Look no further than to what Burke has to offer… ORANGE. Speaking of getting noticed, all the baby brawlers will be the talk of campus and officially a member of the family when they receive their bright orange Burke toque at the annual Toque Ceremony in September. The toque will become one of their most prized possessions and a perfect commemorative piece for the lasting friendships and timeless memories they’ll be sure to forge in Burke.

PS: Burke is Sexy!


 Fraser Phantoms


Squished in between the other two Bishops Houses is the Fraser Phantoms!! Although it doesn’t have multiple floors (like Burke) and it doesn’t have fancy skylights (like Plessis), Fraser stands out by having a floor full of personality that gets really close within the first few months of school. With being super involved in intramurals and always sitting at a specific spot at meal hall (between the salad bar and the take three station), they become a close family abnormally quick. To celebrate being a Phantom, they partake in the annual Trucker Hat Ceremony, where all newcomers get a bright red trucker hat to sport at all of the Fraser events. This is one of the smallest residences on campus but because of its might, they are able to stand up to the empire that is Lane Hall. With their rivals being the biggest house on campus, they fight back through their love for their house. What they lack in numbers, they make up for in spirit!! Get it, because they’re phantoms… Haha.. Anyways, if this is the residence that you are put in, get ready for a year full of house events, hanging out in the lounge and 60 more people added to your family.


Plessis Panthers


Located on the top floor of Bishops Hall, residents in Plessis House are welcomed with great campus views and natural sunlight beaming in from hallway skylights. Like its neighbours in Burke and Fraser, there is a ton of house spirit among residents. These Panthers love to wear their house colour of dark green, and they make their presence felt with their energetic cheers. To show their house spirit, Plessis comes together for its ever growing Bucket Hat Ceremony, where new residents receive a green bucket hat that sets them apart from other residences. Perhaps the best thing about living in Plessis is the family feeling that residents share. Whether it be eating together at meal hall, study groups, intramurals, or hanging out, there are lots of ways to spend time with floormates. And let’s not forget about how busy the Plessis lounge gets. Arguably the most popular meeting space in Bishops, there are always friendly faces in the lounge doing homework, playing games, and watching TV together (Bachelor Mondays are a Plessis favourite). With its great co-ed atmosphere, Plessis is certainly a great residence choice for first and second year students alike.

Key Figures in Residence


Hall Director: The Hall Director position is filled by an upper year student who works with Residence Life to provide leadership to students in residence. The HDs work with Residence Life Coordinators to oversee the Residence Life teams in each residence building. Through programming, supporting peers, and promoting the Community Code, Hall Directors play an important role in creating a positive living experience within the residence community.

This year’s HD is Alex Forbes!

Community Advisors: CAs, formerly known as Resident Assistants, live and work in all residences at StFX. With training provided by Residence Life, CAs are able to ensure that there is a safe and positive environment for all residents in the building. With daily interactions and availability, CAs provide residents with resources, information and assistance to ensure personal well-being in residence.

House President: The House President of each residence is a second year returning student. Working under the VP Residence Affairs in the Students’ Union, the House President provides leadership to residents by planning events, organizing initiatives such as fundraising, promoting house spirit, and holding house meetings for all residents.

Since Bishops Hall has 3 different residences, that means three different HPs and three different VPs. This years HPs include:

Jilaine Barton – Burke
Brittany LaPointe – Fraser
Connor Newman – Plessis

Vice President: The House Vice President assists the House President as house leaders, providing a positive experience in residence through house events, house spirit, and other ways of connecting with residents. The House President and Vice President work frequently on campus initiatives with other residence leaders and Students’ Union figures.

This years VPs are:

Jacob Faubert – Burke
Colton Rushton – Fraser
Allie Britten – Plessis

House Council: Students living in each residence have the opportunity to become a member on their residence’s house council. As a house council rep, residents will get to become more involved in their house’s affairs and make decisions in their area of focus. House council positions include activities rep, finance rep, health and wellness rep, communications rep, charity rep, equity and sustainability rep, and house spirit rep.


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