Your New Home: Mount Saint Bernard

Just a reminder: 50 days until Orientation Week starts!

Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is MSB. Reopened as a residence in September 2016 after a three year hiatus, newly-renovated Mount Saint Bernard, comprised of Camden, Marguerite, Gilmora, and Immaculata Halls, is one of the most historic and outfitted residences on campus. Originally an all-female institution called Mount Saint Bernard College, the MSB campus became integrated with StFX and has the proud distinction of being the first Catholic College in North America to provide post-secondary degree programs to women. Through the years, MSB has become a co-ed residence at one of the liveliest spots on campus.

It is located on upper campus and is the closest university building to Downtown Antigonish. With three academic buildings (The Rankin School of Nursing, Gilmora Hall, and Immaculata Hall), students from a variety of programs spend much of their time in courses located in MSB. The residence is located on floors 3, 4, and 5 of Camden and Marguerite Halls and has over 200 single rooms, making The Mount a place where there is always something going on. You can usually find The Bears playing catch in the beautiful central courtyard, baking in the kitchens, or watching TV in the one of MSB’s 13 lounges. Located by the residence’s main entrance, the MSB Café is a convenient place where residents can grab a coffee or a quick bite to eat without leaving the building. With brand new study rooms and the only residence computer lab on campus, there are plenty of spaces to get work done in MSB.

Popular events throughout the year include Sunday movie nights, the annual Camden vs Marguerite Hall soccer baseball game and our jersey ceremony, where every new student will receive a house baseball jersey. In March you can find MSB decked out in teal and purple to cheer on our house hockey team at not one, but TWO games in the O’Messis Cup House Hockey Cup against Plessis House and Off-Campus. Last year the Bears held multiple fundraisers including a very popular hot chocolate sale to raise money for our house charity: The Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre & Sexual Assault Services Association. The Mount is ready for another exciting year, and we are so excited to welcome a fresh group of Bears to our home. If you are not already in the facebook group for your residence, here is the link: Mount Saint Bernard 2017-2018

Bears Are Back!
Key Figures in Residence


Hall Director: The Hall Director position is filled by an upper year student who works with Residence Life to provide leadership to students in residence. The HDs work with Residence Life Coordinators to oversee the Residence Life teams in each residence building. Through programming, supporting peers, and promoting the Community Code, Hall Directors play an important role in creating a positive living experience within the residence community.

This year’s HD for Mount Saint Bernard is Chiedza Chikwavaire!

Community Advisors: CAs, formerly known as Resident Assistants, live and work in all residences at StFX. With training provided by Residence Life, CAs are able to ensure that there is a safe and positive environment for all residents in the building. With daily interactions and availability, CAs provide residents with resources, information and assistance to ensure personal well-being in residence.

House President: The House President of each residence is a second year returning student. Working under the VP Residence Affairs in the Students’ Union, the House President provides leadership to residents by planning events, organizing initiatives such as fundraising, promoting house spirit, and holding house meetings for all residents.

This year’s HP is Jonas Lawrence!

Vice President: The House Vice President assists the House President as house leaders, providing a positive experience in residence through house events, house spirit, and other ways of connecting with residents. The House President and Vice President work frequently on campus initiatives with other residence leaders and Students’ Union figures.

This year’s VP is Kieran Yorke!

House Council: Students living in each residence have the opportunity to become a member on their residence’s house council. As a house council rep, residents will get to become more involved in their house’s affairs and make decisions in their area of focus. House council positions include activities rep, finance rep, health and wellness rep, communications rep, charity rep, equity and sustainability rep, and house spirit rep.



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