Your Guide to Welcome Day

So August is winding down and your countdown has almost reached 0. As you finish your preparations for travelling to StFX, you may be trying to imagine what Saturday, September 2nd will look like. If you have an older sibling who went to StFX, you may have already experienced part of Welcome Day already. You would know how energetic campus is on this day, especially due to the presence of O-Crew members. For those of you who aren’t sure what to expect, here is a rundown of your first day as new students at StFX.


7:30 am: Doors open at the Keating Centre

Your first stop of the day will be at the Keating Centre (KMC), where you will be greeted outside by the wonderful and energetic Orientation Crew. Inside the Keating Centre, there will be a number of stations for you to visit. You will receive your StFX student ID, and will be able to meet with university departments such as the Residence Services office and the Financial Services office. You will also have the opportunity to shake hands with the President of StFX, Kent MacDonald!


Once you have made your way through the main arena, you will head to the AUX rink, where there will be a showcase of campus services. Here, you will pick up your frosh kit & your Orientation Week shirt. There is also a photo booth where parents and students can get their picture taken.


9 am: Residence opens for new arrivals

After you are finished at the Keating Centre, you can head to your residence building to begin moving into your residence room. Before you start moving your belongings, you will check in with Residence Life to gain access to your room and receive your residence shirt. A Community Advisor will escort you to your room, and you will be given a room checklist and residence contract.


Now that you’ve been formally checked into residence, you can begin moving your belongings into your new room. One thing you should take into consideration is parking and traffic in and out of the residence building. Depending on which residence you are in, there will likely be temporary parking in place to manage vehicle flow. An example of temporary parking is outside of Bishops Hall. You will be permitted to park in a temporary parking zone for a certain amount of time in order to allow others to be able to park near the building. Another thing to consider is that elevators will be operated almost nonstop from 9am to 2pm. If you are carrying heavy items, prepare to wait a few minutes for an elevator. Take the stairs as much as possible when moving in, it will save you time.

Once you are situated in residence, put on your house shirt and gather with other first year students in residence for a welcome and a short introduction of residence leaders. You will meet the Community Advisors in residence, as well as your House President & Vice President. You’re now ready to attend the first event of Welcome Day with your residence house.

2 pm: President’s Welcome

You and your residence house will head over to the Keating Centre main arena for the President’s Welcome. At this event, StFX President Kent MacDonald will address the audience of new students and their parents.

3:30 pm: Community meeting

Following the President’s Welcome, you will return to residence for the first formal community meeting of the day. The meeting will be hosted by community advisors and will allow residents to meet each other in small groups. The purpose of this meeting is to get to know your residence and your neighbours in a small community setting. Residents will also be given campus tours to familiarize themselves with their new surroundings.

5:30 pm: BBQ/Guinness World Record

Following the first meeting period, there will be a BBQ for all new students taking place on the lawn outside of Bishops Hall. There will also be a fun event where students will attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the largest game of freeze tag.

7:30 pm: Community meeting

After the BBQ and freeze tag, students will return to residence for another community meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to expand on the first meeting and introduce residence topics for all residents in the building.

9 pm: Carnival

Welcome Day will come to an end at the Oland Stadium, where there will be a carnival from 9pm to 12am. The football field will be full of inflatable games, interactive lights, and dance music. There will be a variety of activities to suit many different tastes, so whether you want to actively participate in inflatable sports or relax on the LED furniture and in the inflatable lounges, you won’t want to miss this exciting ending to a great first day at StFX!


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