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Welcome to the StFX blog! This blog is updated on a weekly basis (every Friday) with all your need-to-know info about StFX University! Written by students for students, you’ll get all the inside knowledge about what X is really like, what’s happening on our campus, and more!

Wow! Where are all these astonishing, inspirational, and insightful posts coming from you ask? Well, we are the X Social Media Team. We attend events around campus to Blog, Snapchat, Tweet, Insta, and Facebook them for everyone to enjoy!

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Emily & Sarah

12308073_10153123726666331_3729855487445559830_o           Sarah MacPhee

Hi 🙂 I just graduated with my Honours degree in Finance and I’m now completing an Honours degree in Economics. Why? I have no sweet clue. Jk, I actually do have a reason… I just can’t get enough of this awesome university! I’m originally from PEI, however, I consider myself almost a Scotian, as I’ve been living here for the past four school years and last summer, as well as this summer. Hobbies include sleeping in, watching Netflix, cooking eggs, and going to the gym. I also love my friends like crazy! They have become my family xo    PS. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky – Michael Scott”     – Sarah MacPhee


Emily blog.JPG         Emily MacDonald

Hello! I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and History but I just can’t get enough of StFX so now I’m back for two more years to complete a Bachelor of Education. I always knew that X is where I would end up. In fact, it’s the only university I applied to out of high school. Most of my family went to X so it just wouldn’t be right if I was the only one without an X-Ring. After four years, too many adventures to count, and meeting lifelong friends, StFX is definitely home for me (though I was born and raised in New Brunswick). Over the course of my undergrad I was involved in Residence Life as an RA and HD, I was the secretary for the Rotaract society, a GetReal volunteer, blah blah blah… you don’t care. In my spare time I re-read Harry Potter over and over again, paint things, and watch Netflix.