History? Our Story.

One of the most active departments on campus, especially in terms of engagement with students and social media presence, is our History Department!

The History Department at X offers tons of unique program opportunities. Students can enrol in concentrations in Medieval, European, Latin American, Canadian History and more, as well as Art History and Anthropology. Introductory courses in Western Civilization, Global History, and and the History of Canada offer first-year students plenty of options while discovering their interests. With professors who are passionate about each specialization and truly care about student success, I can personally attest to the greatness of this program.

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Women’s & Gender Studies

It is in my personal opinion that each student should require one Women’s and Gender course during university. I believe these courses are extremely valuable in how we may perceive the world today. At StFX, the program looks at traditional ideas about women and where they’ve come to today. This is not a program for only women – this is a program for any individual who wishes to create a society where all genders, races, sexual orientations, and abilities can have acceptance and respect for themselves. AKA, this program is BOSS. Who isn’t a feminist these days? Fighting for equality and all things fair? And don’t even get me on the whole “Feminism is man-hating” because it most definitely IS NOT that whatsoever. Perhaps if more people took Women’s and Gender classes, more people would understand this simple concept of human equality.

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Economics @ X

The Economics Department at X is quickly growing and becoming a power house. In the past five years, the enrollment in Economics courses has grown by almost 80% at StFX. According to their website, the Honours students graduating from the Economics department have been offered job placements and graduate school placements from the best in the country!

economy and women july post.jpgSo Economics is super cool because it can explain the behaviour of markets and asset prices, very closely related to the business field. It also looks at the structure and organization of society, related to a liberal arts education. Economics also looks at cause and effects, which can relate to a science field. More specifically, we see economists working in health care, manufacturing, government, banking, and more! All that being said, we can easily see how economics can be transferred to many disciplines and how important it truly is.

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